About us

Certicom [ Kedia & Arpana Co. ] is an Accounting and Financial service providers in Bangalore.

Certicom Consulting team has been offering a wide range of consulting and financial solutions in Bangalore, Karnataka for last 15 years.

The underlying philosophy of Certicom Consulting is to leverage our own skills and connections to support all our clients. These will enable companies to build various business models rapidly, develop and provide them a chance to expand their business scope and also help customers be compliant as per the law of land.

Certicom ensures that the whole business cooperation process is fully supervised and controlled, making the cooperation easier for all the parties.

Certicom Consulting business scope is versatile, since we are following our customers’ achievement, and market fluctuations. Our Consulting services can help all partners incorporating clients and providers in accomplishing and improving long-term, stable business collaboration.

We are committed to understanding and documenting business processes and to providing world-class services in order to make Certicom’s work most effectively for our customers.

Kedia Arpana & Co. – Chartered Accountants is an associate consulting firm looking into the Statutory Services and Certification.