7th Pay Scales Commission (Detailed)

Under new pay scale proposed by seventh pay commission, all the focal government representatives’ compensations will get a 23% climb. The fundamental plan of the seventh pay commission is to audit the sixth CPC reports and present a reconsidered report to the administration, proposing the progressions in existing pay scale and remittance for the legislature and barrier authorities. So here we have portrayed the updated pay scales for representatives working in various fields-

Proposed Pay Scale for Air Force workers

Indian Air Force is air arm wing of the Indian military. It works under the order of Marshal of IAF, however President of the nation holds the incomparable direction of the IAF. At present there are almost 1.4 Lakh dynamic personals in IAF. With the usage of seventh pay commission, pay rates of the IAF authorities will get a hike.

Ranks Of IAF officers Basic Pay (7th CPC)           MSP
Flying Officer Rs.56,100 Rs.15,500
Flight Lieutenant Rs.61,300 Rs.15,500
Squadron Leader Rs.69,400 Rs.15,500
Wing Commander Rs.1,16,700 Rs.15,500
Group Captain Rs.1,25,700 Rs.15,500
Air Commodore Rs.1,34,400 Rs.15,500
Air Vice Marshal Rs.1,44,200 _NA
Air Marshal HAG Scale Rs.1,82,200 _NA
Air Marshal APEX Scale Rs.2,05,400 _NA
Air Chief Marshal Rs.2,50,000 _NA


A newcomer in IAF will get an essential pay of Rs.56,100 and Military administration pay of Rs.15,500. A pleased sentiment of serving the country alongside a tremendous check. Notwithstanding this IAF officers appreciate distinctive stipends like HRA, DA( Dearness Allowance) , Flying Allowance, Kit Maintenance sum.

They likewise appreciate the advantages like higher annuities, free quality medicinal administrations, instructive concessions and low financing costs on credits.

Proposed Pay Scale for Defense and Army authorities

By sixth pay commission compensations and stipends of armed force authorities expanded a great deal. What’s more, an uplifting news for the military authorities is that seventh pay commission made critical proposals that will give a climb in the compensations and stipend for the authorities.

The proposed evaluation pay and pay rates for the military authorities relying upon their positions

Rank /Post Ranking Level Pay or Salary
Lieutenant Level 10 Rs.56,100- Rs.1,77,500
Captain Level 10B Rs.61,300- Rs.1,93,900
Major Level 11 Rs.69400- Rs.2,07,200
Lieutenant Colonel Level 12A Rs.1,21,200- Rs.2,21400
Colonel Level 13 Rs.1,30,600- Rs.2,15,900
Brigadier Level 13A Rs.1,39,600- Rs.2,17,600
Major General Level 14 Rs.1,44,200- Rs.2,18,200
Lieutenant General HAG Scale Level 15 Rs.1,82,200- Rs.2,24,100
HAG + Scale Level 16 Rs.2,05,400-Rs.2,24,400
Lieutenant General (NFSG)/VCOAS/Army Cdr Level 17 Rs.2,25,000/-
COAS Level 18 Rs.2,50,000/-


Armed force authorities gets MSP, recompenses and different advantages, for example,

Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers positioning from Lieutenant to Brigadier will get a MSP of Rs.15,500 consistently. Lower authorities will get a MSP of Rs.6,000.

Dearness Allowance, unit remittance and recently proposed dress Allowance will be around Rs.30,000, etc relying upon the positioning and levels.

Proposed Pay Scale for Navy Officials

Indian Navy is the maritime wing of the Indian military, under the incomparable direction of President of India. At present, there are about 68 thousand dynamic naval force personals in administration under the order of Chief of Naval staff and his subordinates Vice Admirals.

By the new proposal recommended by seventh pay commission compensations and stipend given will get a climb. The proposed pay rates according to levels and positions are as per the following-

Rank /Post Ranking Level Pay or Salary
Sub-Lieutenant Level 10 Rs.56,100- Rs.1,77,500
Lieutenant Level 10B Rs.61,300- Rs.1,93,900
Lieutenant Commander Level 11 Rs.69400- Rs.2,07,200
Commander Level 12A Rs.1,21,200- Rs.2,21400
Captain Level 13 Rs.1,30,600- Rs.2,15,900
Commodore Level 13A Rs.1,39,600- Rs.2,17,600
Rear Admiral Level 14 Rs.1,44,200- Rs.2,18,200
Vice Admiral HAG Scale Level 15 Rs.1,82,200- Rs.2,24,100
HAG + Scale Level 16 Rs.2,05,400-Rs.2,24,400
VCNS/Navy Cdr/Vice Admiral (NFSG) Level 17 Rs.2,25,000/-
CNS Level 18 Rs.2,50,000/-


The climb in essential pay is excellent sign for the Navy authorities. Be that as it may, the uplifting news doesn’t closes here. Other than fundamental pay climb, increment in MSP upto Rs.15,500 from level 10 or more authorities.

DA, Kit Maintenance and remote ocean remittances exceptionally for authorities who work in the submarines.

Proposed Pay Scale for Civil administrations workers

It is realized that Civil Services employments are treated as dream occupations and as a status of pride in the general public. Consistently lakhs of UPSC applicants show up for the test, however just couple of individuals splits it and get an opportunity to serve the nation as an administration official. There are diverse administrations under common administrations. for example IAS(Indian Administrative Services), IPS(Indian Police Service),IFS(Indian Foreign Service), IRS (Indian Revenue Services), IES (Indian Engineering Services).

By the suggestions of the seventh CPC the pay rates of the authorities working under these administrations will get an augmentation.

IAS officer:

The pay rates for the IAS officers will triple the measure of past pay rates if seventh pay commission proposals are actualized. The compensation scale will increment to Rs.29,900 – Rs.1,04,400 every month. The evaluation Pay will be changed from Rs.5,400 to Rs.16,200 every month.

Other than this a portion of different livens and recompenses delighted in by the IAS Officers are-

House Rental Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Travel Allowance.

Free Accomodation,Water bills, Phone and power bills.

Representative Provident Fund Organization Services.

IPS officers:

Indian police administration is a standout amongst the most regarded administrations in India. It gives extraordinary capacity to the officer in direction alongside enormous duties. They need to maintain the law and control under tight restraints consistently. By the seventh CPC the officers get a check as per the present position they are holding.

Time Scale Pay Band Grade Pay
Junior Time Scale Rs.15,600 -Rs.39,600 Rs.5,400
Senior Time Scale Rs.15,600 -Rs.39,600 Rs.6,600
Super Time Scale(I) Rs.37,400 -Rs.67,400 Rs.8.900
Super Time Scale(II) Rs..37,400 -Rs.67,400 Rs.10,000


Other than increment in the compensation band and grade pay, they additionally get DA, HRA, travel recompenses, power bill allowances,water bills and free lodging.

IRS Officers :

Indian income administrations incorporate Income charge office. Headed by important boss official of IT division. The fundamental pay of the section level representative is fixed under seventh CPC, in view of the expansion in Pay scale and Grade Pay.

The Pay Scale of IRS officers is as indicated by their rankings and post they hold.

Designation/Post Pay Scale Grade Pay (Per Month)
Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.15,600 – Rs.39,000 Rs.1400
Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.15,600 – Rs.39,000 Rs.6,600
Additional  commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000 Rs.8,700
Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.37,400 – Rs.67,000 Rs.10,000
Principal Commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.75,000 – Rs.80,000 NA
Chief commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.75,000 – Rs.80,000 NA
Principal Chief commissioner of Income Tax Department Rs.80,000 Fixed NA


The job IRS officer is vital in current circumstance. Numerous people are hesitant to make good on government obligations. At the point when an individual doesn’t pay his or her charges, the unaccounted sum will wind up dark cash. Dark cash in a roundabout way prompts expansion and joblessness. At the point when the expenses are paid normally on schedule, it will be useful in designation more assets for the infrastructural improvement.

Pay scale for Judges and Lawyers


You will be pondered to realize that we have just 19 made a decision for each 10 Lakh individuals in India at present. What’s more, almost 3 crores of pending cases the nation over. It is expressed by one of the ongoing report that India need about 70000 judges as quickly as time permits .If not, we will confront a legal executive emergency. Remembering that to fill the post seventh Pay commission has tripled the essential compensation of the judges from common, region to high courts. All the more imperatively the pay rates of incomparable court judges.

The District court Judges will get a climb of 2.57 occasions the present compensation.

The High court judges will get a pay upto Rs.2.25 Lakhs according to seventh pay commission.

Preeminent court judges will get a pay upto Rs.2.50 Lakhs according to the seventh pay commission.

The Chief Justice of India may get upto Rs.2.80 Lakhs according to new sources.

Other than the climb in compensation judges will numerous advantages and remittances, for example, HRA, DA, TA, Pension, Phone and power bills,education stipend for the children’s.

It will be an incredible profession open door for the present age to get into the legal executive framework and serve the country alongside getting a charge out of the checks and stipends.

Legal counselors:

To maintain the law and control in track, Lawyers assume an incredible job straightforwardly and by implication in the general public. There are almost 3 crore pending case in India consolidating common, criminal, corporate and family cases.

According to the seventh pay commission, the pay rates of the Lawyers will be hiked.The seventh CPC will nullify the evaluation pay framework and increment the essential compensation of the Lawyers the nation over.

The pay rates are probably going to be tripled regarding present pay.

Pay Scale for Railways representatives

Indian Railways System is the greatest manager in the nation. What’s more, eighth biggest business supplier on the planet. It gives work upto 14 lakhs individuals legitimately and 5 lakhs business openings in a roundabout way. It is going by the executive of Indian Railways Board after Railway serve.

According to the seventh pay commission, the expansion in railroad representatives pay rates will give a lift to the economy in a roundabout way by the multiplier impact. Increment in pay rates are as indicated by the compensation band fall under, pay scale and grade pay.

Post (Pay Band) Pay Scale (Per Month) Grade Pay
Pay Band 1 Rs.15,600-Rs.50,500 Rs.5,400-Rs.8,400
Pay Band 2 Rs.23,250 – Rs. 87,000 Rs.12,600 – Rs.14,400
Pay Band 3 Rs.39,000 -Rs.97,750 Rs. 16,200 -Rs. 22,800
Pay Band 4 Rs.93,500 – Rs.1,67,500 Rs. 26,100 – Rs.30,000


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Certicom Consulting [ Kedia Arpana & Co ] is a group of Chartered Accountants in the business of Small Business Setup & Statutory Compliance including for Professionals for the past 15 years. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.