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Auditing is the key to unlocking new ideas that propel you further up the food chain. It has the ability to maximize efficiency and unlock its full potential. Our audit and assurance experts are well aware of this. That’s why they go above and above every day so you can take the next major step forward.

Our Unique Approach To Audit And Assurance Services

In a time when audit practices are essentially undertaken as an obligatory compliance mechanism or simply a number-crunching practice by various firms, we at Certicom take the liberty of using our auditing and assurance services to evaluate the existing financial procedures of a business and gain extensive insight to help our clients. This allows us to holistically understand a business’s functionality and operations, thereby allowing us to develop better financial reports/analysis, maintain more accurate records, and bridge gaps faster so that fiscal planning procedures become more efficient over time.

In terms of audit services, we’ve worked on a variety of projects for clients in a variety of industries. Rather than focusing solely on standard audit procedures, we go above and beyond to see how our financial analysis may assist customers in developing their businesses. Practically, few businesses will take the risk of doing so because it is frequently considered best practice to play things safe. Moreover, rather than seeing auditing as a post-mortem exercise, our approaches align with our philosophy of pro-active involvement in a firm through our audit procedures. Our audit firm aspires to deliver holistic company understanding in every project it undertakes, with a team of trained audit professionals and assurance experts backed by financial advisers and accountants.


Our audit and assurance services work covers a wide range of topics. We help our clients conduct financial, legal, and accounting reviews of business processes, such as mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, and internal business procedures, in order to improve and preserve efficiency. Our expert team of financial consultants and audit professionals is committed to upholding the highest accounting standards, which are always followed by a rigorous review cycle that includes active participation from our partners.

Certicom is a chartered accountant organization in Bangalore that provides corporate and company auditing services. Auditing is done to improve an organization’s operations and add value. In Bangalore, we provide high-quality business auditing and assurance services.

Regular audits demonstrate a company’s stability and integrity. It implements a systematic and disciplined approach to assessing and improving the company’s risk management, control, and governance systems.

Financial statement verification and integrated audit services are provided by our audit and assurance team. Our objective is to improve financial reporting processes while also adhering to various accounting and auditing standards. We provide the greatest business auditing and assurance services in Bangalore, as well as the best company license and permit services.

Our Services

Accounting Services

Hiring a full-time accountant for a small firm might be expensive. Furthermore, having a junior inexperienced accountant increases the danger of not complying with all regulatory requirements, and finding a replacement in the event of an accountant's resignation is a difficult undertaking. 

Audit & Assurance Services

We leverage our strong technology to deliver trust on shifting business needs and stakeholder expectations, with quality at the centre of our business. We  provide transparency across financial and non-financial reporting by taking a comprehensive picture of your business.

Taxation Services

The regulatory system governing taxation has grown quite complicated. The rise in cross-border business models is largely to blame. Managing such complexity has become a must for businesses in order to get business decision. While we make certain that you stay in compliance and we add value to your company by providing you with greatest tax guidance.

Indirect Tax Services

Examine contracts from the perspectives of procurement, to determine the GST impact. Assisting the best valuation model for related transactions under GST, while matching it with the model used under transfer pricing regulations.

Direct Tax Services

We provide a comprehensive range of tax and regulatory services. Dynamic enterprises benefit from our considerable expertise and in-depth knowledge, as well as our insight and creativity, in their global operations.

Business Consultants Services

Businesses today are more vulnerable, because to changing customer expectations and rising technologies. We assist you to develop a new business plan to match your vision for the future.

International Taxation Services

Get the most up-to-date taxation prices for income tax: - Interpretation, opinions, and guidance on all aspects of direct taxation, including tax planning for foreign corporations.Our main focus is to keep ourselves and our clients updated with latest knowledge and trends in international taxation and accounting services.

Retainership Services

A person who is employed by a company or firm to advise on difficult issues that require experience, such as labour regulations, pension issues, or land / intellectual property, etc." is the definition of a retainership. Retainership payments are a standard way for an employer to compensate a consultant, such as an independent professional, a lawyer, or another professional.

Project Financing Services

Long-term projects, such as public infrastructure or services, industrial projects, and others, are funded using an unique financial structure known as project finance. A mix of debt and equity might be used to fund a business. The project's cash flows allow the loan to be serviced and the debt and equity to be repaid.

Who Needs CA Firms?

Everyone needs a CA, whether they are a sole trader, a small partnership firm, or a salaried worker, not only to file tax returns and handle business accounts but also to make the best financial decisions possible within the legal framework. In general, the job of a CA varies according to the necessity, ranging from reorganising company operations to enhancing financial process flow that is particularly suited to meet the needs.

Why Choose Us?

Certicom is committed to offering the finest quality accounting and advising services to assist you in managing your affairs and growing your business. We recognize that every client is unique, therefore we personalize our accounting and advising services to meet the specific needs of each individual or organization. Our expertise has shown us there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution thus we always take your particular needs into consideration before delivering any accounting or consulting guidance.

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We have become Bangalore’s leading facilitator of legal services over the last 20 years due to the depth of our offerings, connections with reliable experts, competitive pricing, and client satisfaction. Certicom has evolved into a one-stop-shop for any corporation or entrepreneur in search of a lawyer, chartered accountant, or company secretary.

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