Guide to File GSTR-3B on GST Portal?

GSTR-3B comes monthly. All regular taxpayers should submit this refund until June 2018. You can submit your return to your GST Portal.

Last updated!
21st Aug 2018: Due date for filing GSTR – 3B for July 2018 has been extended to 24th August 2018.

GSTR 3B, the for july 2018 is extended to August 24th 2018. The taxpayer’s return should be postponed until next month.

A  step-by-step guide to filing GSTR-3B on GST Portal:

Step 1 – Login to GST Portal.
Step 2 – Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Returns’ > ‘Returns Dashboard’.

Step 3 – This displays the “File return” page. Select the ‘Financial Year’ and the ‘Change Period’ that you want to return from the drop-down list. Click ‘SEARCH’.


Step 4 – Click “PREPARE ONLINE” in the ‘Monthly GST-3B’ tile.


Step 5 – Enter the values ​​in each layer. You must include the tables below each head. If possible, complete interest and late payments.

Step 6 – After adding all the details, press the ‘SAQ GSTR-3B’ button at the bottom of the page. A top-level success message is displayed.



Step 7 – After saving all the data, the ‘SUBMIT’ button at the bottom of the page is activated. Press the ‘SUBMIT’ button to display the resolved GSTR-3B return.

A top-level success message is displayed. After submitting the form, additional information is frozen. There is no change in the field after that. DTCs and responsibility books will also be updated.

The GSRT-3B status will be changed to ‘Sent.’


Step 8 – Scroll down the page. Once the taxpayer has been temporarily presented, you can see that the “Tax Payment” tile is effective.

To pay taxes and pay off the obligations, follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Tax Payment’ title.
  • Where the taxpayers are issued with the loans, the liabilities are reflected in the reports and are reflected in the ‘tax liability’ column of the payment. The credits are refreshed in the credit card and the updated balance appears when switching to the specific heading of the payment.


  • Press ‘CHECK BALANCE’ to view the cash and credit balance. This function allows you to check your balance before paying for the appropriate small taxpayers.


  • To return to the previous page, press the ‘OK’ button.


  • Provide the amount of the loan to be used (at separate times) to repay the loan commitment.
    Ensure that the guidelines for the use of the loan are met, provided the access is provided, otherwise, the system will not be able to repay liability.
  • Click ‘SPECIAL DELETE’ to comply with your obligations. A confirmation message is displayed.
  • Click the ‘OK’ button.


Step 9 – Select the check box for the statement. From the ‘Embedded Signer’ drop-down list, select the authorized signer. ‘DSC with FILE GSTR-3B’ or ‘FILE GSTR-3B with EVC’ button.


Step 10 – Click the ‘PROCEED’ button.


A message will be displayed after the text is provided. Click the ‘OK’ button.


GSTR-3B’s status will now change to ‘Filed’. You can press ‘VIEW GSRT-3B’ to display the GSRT-3B rotation.

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