International Taxation

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With the improvement of the globalization of economies, the term International Taxation became effective. As all countries have their own trade rules and regulations, this is the time for international trade and business. Then, while going before the trade, a person must know the basics of international taxes, to avoid further complications.


What is International Taxation?

The world economies have advanced and have approached each other by making borders invisible throughout the world for economic purposes in the recent past. Due to increasing liberalization and globalization, there are many cross-border economic transactions that take place in many nations. The world has become a global village. The integration between countries is increasing. In such a scenario, a person’s earnings are not limited to national borders and there are opportunities to earn money internationally.

Due to this, there are problems of international taxes due to the income obtained in a foreign state and its taxes in the resident state (Taxes of the global income), as well as in the foreign state (taxes based on sources). This is the main reason why a DTAA was born to play its role in avoiding double


The globalization of economies, the signing and revision of free trade agreements, the increase in the number of cross-border transactions, mergers, acquisitions, tax treaties, transfer prices, etc. They have created the need to know international tax laws.