Collective Investment Schemes: List of SEBI Prohibited Companies

The list of entities that SEBI has banned from raising funds under “collective investment schemes.”

The Board of the Indian Securities Exchange (SEBI) warns investors to invest in “collective investment projects” that are being banned by persons who are prohibited from doing so. The press release was published on July 29, 2015, and banned the listing of such businesses or companies.

These companies are not registered with SEBI and collect money / mobilize money without submitting SEBI offer documents. As per SEBI, appropriate measures have been taken against these companies and their executives.

What are Collective Investment Schemes (CIS)?

Furthermore, before investing in a collective investment scheme, investors are advised to bear the following cautionary checks:

  • Whether the entity is registered with SEBI
  • Whether the scheme (CIS) has filed an offer document with SEBI
  • Subscription to CIS units is permitted only with a banking channel, cash transactions are not allowed.
  • No guaranteed or guaranteed returns are permitted (at most, an indicative return can be specified in the offer document)

Listed below are the list of companies that have been approved by SEBI from 2011 to June 2015.

SEBI company

SEBI company list

SEBI company list 2014

SEBI company

SEBI company


How to contact SEBI and feedback on CIS?

SEBI has been able to sue for collective investment plans. If you agree to any of the above, you may contact SEBI and share your feedback.

  • SEBI Web Site – Click here
  • Choose the “Joint venture plan” option in the “Related” section and share your complaints/feedback with SEBI.

complaint registration

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