Trade Mark Registration

Trade Mark Registration Service in Bangalore

Trade Mark Registration

A trademark is a particular sign or pointer utilized by an individual, business association or other lawful substance to recognize that the items and additionally administrations to shoppers with which the trademark shows up begin from an interesting wellspring of beginning, and to recognize its items or administrations from those of different elements.

In order to register your trademark the following are the steps/procedure to be taken:

  1. Identify the Mark / Logo to be registered as Trade Mark
  2. Search with Trade Mark Registry for the available of Trade Name / Mark for registration
  3. Identifying the Class under which the Trade Mark to be registered
  4. Filing the application with Trade Marks Registry
  5. Obtaining the acknowledgment form Trade Marks Registry

The stamp will be distributed in the trademark diary after the trade mark registry is issued. In the event that there is no protest from anybody, the Trade Marks Registry will issue the authentication of Trade Mark Registration.

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