Transition to GST

GST consolidates multiple taxes into one

GST combines numerous charges into one. It is vital to have administers set up to guarantee that an enrolled business easily changes to GST.

The 3 types of transitional provisions are:

  1. Input Tax Credit
  2. Refunds and Arrears
  3. Other Cases: Job Work, Input Service Distributor, Composition Scheme

GST consolidates multiple taxes into one


Let’s  have an analysis on  each of these cases in detail :

Input Tax Credit

Arrangements have been made for a smooth change of Input Tax Credit accessible under VAT, Excise Duty or Service Tax to GST. An enrolled merchant picking organization plan won’t be qualified to convey forward ITC accessible in past administration.

Here is a portion of the situations where ITC change arrangements will be pertinent:

1. Closing balance of credit on Inputs:

The Classing Balance of ITC according to the last return documented before GST can be assumed as praise in the GST administration.

The credit will be accessible just if the profits throughout the previous a half year i.e. from January 2017 to June 2017 were recorded in the past administration (i.e. VAT, Excise and Service Tax returns had been documented).

Shape TRAN 1 ought to be documented inside 90 days i.e. inside 28th September 2017 to convey forward the Input Tax Credit.

2. Credit on Capital Goods:

For instance, if ITC on a Capital Good acquired in the year 2016-17 is Rs 10,000,

half i.e. Rs 5,000 can be guaranteed as ITC around the same time and adjust Rs 5000 can be asserted in the following year.

In such cases, there could be some measure of unused credit accessible on the capital products. This credit can be conveyed sent to GST by entering the subtle elements in Form TRAN 1.

3. Credit on Stock:

A maker or a specialist co-op who has merchandise lying in the end stock on which obligation has been paid can likewise assume the acknowledgment of the same. The merchant needs to proclaim a load of such merchandise on the GST Portal.

The merchant ought to have the solicitations for guaranteeing this credit. Additionally, the solicitations ought to be under 1 year old.

if you don’t have invoices?

Manufacturers or Service Providers who don’t have a receipt confirming installment of obligation, can’t guarantee the credit under the GST administration.

No one but dealers can guarantee credit on the off chance that receipt is inaccessible, subject to the accompanying conditions:

  • The stock should be identified separately.
  • The credit can be taken by the trader only if the benefit of the same is passed on to the final consumer.
How will credit be done in case of no invoice?

How will credit be taken in case of no invoice?

4. Registered persons who were not registered under previous law

Every person who is

  • A registered dealer and was unregistered under previous law
  • Who was engaged in the manufacture of exempted goods or provision of exempted services
  • Who was providing works contract service and was availing abatement
  • A first stage dealer or a second stage dealer
  • A registered importer

can also enjoy ITC of inputs in stock held on 1st July.

The following conditions must be fulfilled –

  • Inputs or goods are used for making taxable supplies
  • Such benefit is passed on by way of reduced prices to the recipient
  • Taxable person is eligible for input tax credit on such inputs
  • The person is in possession of invoices evidencing payment of duty under the earlier the law
  • The invoices are not older than 12 months
  • The supplier of services is not eligible for any abatement under GST

5. ITC on Goods Sent Before 1st July

Input impose credit can be asserted by the maker/merchant for those products got after the selected day, the assessment on which has just been paid under past law. Above credits would just be permitted if the receipt/charge paying archive is recorded in the records of such individual inside first August 2017. A thirty-day expansion might be conceded by the skillful specialist on grounds of adequate reason for the delay.

Refunds and Arrears

Any cases/claims pending for the discount on the due measure of CENVAT credit, duty or interest paid before 1st July should be discarded by the past laws.

Any sum observed to be payable under past law will be dealt with as unfulfilled obligations of GST and be recouped by GST arrangement.

Other Cases

1. Job Work

No duty should be payable in Inputs, semi-completed products evacuated for work for conveying certain procedures and returned on or after first July.

Conditions when there is no tax payable:

  • Goods are returned to the factory within 6 months from 1st July (extendable for a maximum period of 2 months).
  • Goods held by job worker Is declared in Form TRANS-1
  • Supply of semi-finished goods is done only on payment of tax in India or the goods are exported out of India within 6 months from 1st July (extendable by not more than 2 months).

Taxes are not applicable if finished goods were removed before 1st July for carrying certain processes and are returned within 6 months from 1st July

Input tax credit will be recovered if the goods are not returned within 6 months

2. Credit Distribution by Input Service Distributor

Transition provisions will apply in situations where the administration was gotten before first July and the solicitations got on or after first July.

ISD will be qualified to circulate input charge credit under GST.

3. Composition Dealer

At the point when an enlisted merchant who was paying expense under arrangement plot already yet is a typical citizen under GST can assert acknowledge of sources of info accessible as on first July by fulfilling certain conditions.

  •         The Input is used for taxable supply
  •         Registered Person is eligible for ITC under GST
  •         Invoice or other duty payment documents are available
  •         Such invoices are not more than twelve months old