E-Way Bill New Features

E-pay bill is mandatory from February 1 onwards for freight revenue of Rs 50,000.

The check posts stopped when the GST came up. Stress exemption on C on Form for Inland State sales and Stage Transfer facility without paying taxes on using an F form has been lost. The cost of inter-state sales in the GST Act and sales within the state are the same. Also, input tax credit is eligible (prior to CST credit was not available).

Important role in the GST provision

The e-wave bill plays an important role in the GST provision for preventing tax evasion. The notification issued on 29th December 2017, will be effective from February 1, 2018, as per the Central Tax Act.

The e-Way Bill website was also notified by the Notification 9/2018 (23-1-2018). The trial began on January 16. It is a 1.4 lakh e-wave (4 states) a day. The portal can handle 50 lakh bill daily.

E-vee Bill is required by the seller or buyer, if one of them has GST registration, the e-way bill is mandatory if the cost of goods is Rs 50,000.

(E-way bill should be purchased from non-GST registrations and purchase of goods for stock transfers and repair). Principal e-vee bill should be prepared if the value is less than Rs. 50,000 while the goods are sent to another state for Job Varks and sent back to work.

The e-way bill should also be made when it comes to owning a car, a railway, a plane or a cargo ship.

Take the e-money bill

Contractors, Suppliers, Vendors- Any of these can take the e-vee bill from the portal.

Form e-wave bill on Form GST E-mail should be filled before it can start rolling. The expiration of e-way bill for up to 100 km of cargo is a day. Every hundred kilometers for each subsequent day is an extra day.

If you can not move the cargo within the time limit, the e-voucher bill is invalid. Special conditions can be prepared again.

The e-way bill can also be made through Internet Mobile App. E-Vase bill can also be generated through SMS system using unregistered mobile phones. Codes and explanations for generating e-vee bill using SMS are available on the Kerala State GST website.

One needing 200-500 invoices a day for those who need an e-wake bill can also be prepared through an API interface. Bulk e-way bill generation is also designed for those with difficulties. There is a bill to cancels Bill.

There is no need to the e-way bill along with items included in Annexure under Section 138 A (14). Ie, postal baggage handled by kerosene and postal department in the LPG and PPS scheme, Pearl of 71, and other gems, stones, jewelry, currency, used appliances (kerosene and households effects) and coral.

From the port, airports, air cargo complex and customs station, you will need an inland container depot for customs clearance and the e-way bill to cargo freight stations. The e-wages are also mandatory for commodity contracts within the area notified according to state regulations.

Notification 2/2017 The tax exemptions on GST tax on central tax rate require e-waybill.

The list of 149 items includes disposal of living animals, birds, milk, eggs, fish, vegetables, fruits and vegetables. They do not need an e-way bill.

The e-laws are not applicable for alcohol, petrol, diesel, natural gas and aviation fuel. It does not apply to items not counting in CSTC III.

Vehicle number is mandatory

The vehicle number must be shown on e-way bill. But the number of cargo lower than 10 km is not mandatory.

The information on the e-pay bill prepared by the supplier can be seen on the portal to the buyer. (With registrations). You can accept or reject it properly. If not within 72 hours, the information will be considered acceptable. [(Article 138 (12)]