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What is Direct Tax?

Direct taxes are directly affected by the taxpayer. They based upon the income and wealth of an individual or entity.
The tax collection depends on the type of taxes. Direct taxes which include the income tax, wealth tax and corporation tax are handled by the central government. The Income Tax Department is responsible for monitoring the payments of income tax. Therefore, when the liability to pay the tax and the burden of the tax points on the same individual, it is called a direct tax.

Role of Tax Rates in Controlling Money Supply

Taxes take away the spending capacity of corporations and individuals. Taxing a product or service, thus making it expensive will make low consumption and eventually decrease in inflation. Thus, decreasing the tax rates will empower individuals to use their capacity. However, taxes are relatively inflexible.

Types of Direct Taxes in India

Direct taxes cover the following:

Advantages of Direct Taxes

Disadvantages of Direct Taxes

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