• PMS Regulations 2020 - Key Highlights:

    1) Date of publication in the Gazette: 20 January 2020

    2) Minimum Investment amount increased to 50 lacs. Applicable to new clients and additional investments from existing clients.

    3) Minimum networth of Portfolio Manager to be 5 cr

    4) No Upfront fees (directly or indirectly) can be charged to the client

    5) Performance to be disclosed on an investment approach (segregated basis) using TWRR method

    6) Detailed client disclosures now to be made quarterly. Details of commission paid to distributors have to be disclosed.

    7) Custodian mandatory for all Portfolio Managers except in case of advisory services

    8) Portfolio Manager cannot invest client’s funds based on the advice of any other entity. FPIs may avail of the services of a Portfolio Manager.

    9) In addition to a Principal officer & a Compliance Officer, Portfolio Managers to also have at least one person with relevant experience in the securities markets

    10) The discretionary portfolio manager can invest client funds securities listed or traded on a recognized stock exchange, money market instruments, units of Mutual Funds and other securities as specified by Board from time to time, on behalf of their clients. A Portfolio Manager offering non-discretionary or advisory services to clients may invest or provide advice for investment up to 25% of the assets under management of such clients in unlisted securities, in addition to the securities permitted for discretionary portfolio management.

    11) Leveraging through use of derivatives not permitted.

    12) Off market trades not permitted except for certain specified conditions.

Certicom – Group of Chartered Accountants in Bangalore

Certicom Consulting is a group of Chartered Accountants & is associated with KEDIA ARPANA & CO. We are well Qualified Chartered Accountants in Bangalore.

Certicom is into Small Business Setup & Statutory Compliance including for Professionals for the past 20+ years. We have been an established and favoured company with an excellent track record for best customer satisfaction.

Our underlying philosophy is to leverage our industry experience, skills and connections to support all our clients. We are committed in understanding and documenting business processes and to provide world-class services in order to make Certicom’s work most effectively for it’s customers.

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Kapil T

I have been associated with Certicom Consulting for quite some time now and their proficiency in all their services has… Read more “Kapil T”

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From the date of incorporation of my company, I am associated with this firm and extremely happy with their services… Read more “Arun Kumar”

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Quick. Clean. efficient process. I highly recommend for All business teams. Because most of our headaches are because of Financial… Read more “Ritu R”

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E-filing income tax returns with Kedia Arpana & CO. since 2010, Have consulted Arpana successfully on closing many income tax… Read more “Shiv Lal”

Kareem Ali Baig

Certicom helped us get the lower tax deduction certificate for sale of my property and thus got the tax planning… Read more “Kareem Ali Baig”

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Tax filings like GST, TDS & another day to day requirements are a big challenge for a small business like… Read more “Raul Babu”

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I have been working with Certicom Consulting ( Kedia Arpana& Co.) as they have been helping us with statutory filings… Read more “kritika bansal”

Jeba kumar

They are the best financial consultants that I have known! Great service, good people. Everytime I have approached them, I… Read more “Jeba kumar”

Arun kumar

Arpana handles a competent team of professionals helping us in Accounting, Taxation & Business requirements for last 10+ yrs for… Read more “Arun kumar”

Rishabh Borai

Affordable GST AND AUDITING services by Certicom professionals. Especially Arpana mam, she could make me understood about all concerns

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Certicom Consulting [ Kedia Arpana & Co ] is a group of Chartered Accountants in the business of Small Business Setup & Statutory Compliance including for Professionals for the past 15 years. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.
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