How to claim refund on GST Portal

Step by step Guide to File RFD – 01 on GST Portal

There can be a lot of errors when completing GST challan to make GST Payment. You may also end up paying excess GST because of this. This excess is shown as a balance in the electronic cash ledger.

The balance in Electronic Cash Ledger can be claimed as a refund by sending an RFD-01 refund request form. This can be done online at the GST Portal / GSTN.

The excess GST paid can be claimed as a refund within 2 years from the date of payment. This means that if the excess GST is paid within the month of Nov 2017, the GST refund request will be sent till Nov 2019.

Step 1: Login to GST website.

Step 2: Go to ‘Services’ > ‘Refunds’ > ‘Application for Refund’

claim refund on GST Portal

Step 3: Choose ‘Refund of Excess Balance in Electronic Cash Ledger’ and click on ‘CREATE’.

GST Claim

Step 4: Once you choosed  ‘CREATE’ in the above step, a screen will come up by showing all balances in the Electronic Cash Ledger which can be claimed as refund.

You can enter details of the refund to be claimed in the editable ‘Refund Claimed’ table.

GST refund

Step 5: Choose Bank Account from the drop-down and click on ‘SAVE’.

Step 6:  Click on the name fo the ‘Authorised Signatory’ from the drop-down.

Depending upon your organization choose on ‘SUBMIT WITH DSC’ or ‘SUBMIT WITH EVC’

Authorised Signatory gst