No income tax!

No income tax: The most thrilling idea before every Budget

Ever since the NDA government came to power, there has been abuzz regarding termination of personal income tax. Right from BJP MP Subrahmanyan Swamy to Anil Bokil of Arthkranti, several have planned this radical move.

No Income Tax

Some, like economic expert Surjit Bhalla, has projected a flat tax. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonetized high-currency notes—an plan propagated by Arthkranti—many believe he might implement another Arthkranti plan too, that’s termination of taxation.


Within the Budget 2018?

There is very little probability that minister of finance Arun Jaitley would select such a radical movement within the Budget. the govt. has already recognized a task force for redrafting the 50-year previous income tax law in sync with the economic wants of the country.

it’ll provide its report after 5 months.There are many arguments in favor of termination of income tax. India has not been able to expand the tax base. the personal taxation assortment as a proportion of the GDP has been around 2 percent within the previous few years, which is terribly low for an outsized country like India.

largely it is the middle-class salary earners who pay taxation honestly. whereas the poor do not pay taxes, the wealthy realize innovative ways that to avoid paying tax.

“India has been for the most part a tax non-compliant society”

An argument against termination of Income tax

If the govt. takes the daring step to finish income tax system, it’d have an effect on solely 2 percent of the population and would be less risky and a lot of politically remunerative as compared to changes like note ban and GST that affected each citizen. Another argument is that the termination of income tax won’t just result in revenue loss. it’ll also put cash in the hands of individuals which is able to increase demand and boost the economy.

Creation of additional jobs

It may result in additional savings.An advantage of termination of income tax is that the govt. will use its gigantic tax bureaucracy to focus more on alternative taxes like GST and tracing the black money. Another profit can be the creation of additional jobs because it will bring down wages and encourage corporations to rent more workers.Banking sector may gain from this move. With no black cash, folks can keep most of their cash in banks rather than finding ways that to cover it. this can boost bank deposits and disposal. As advised by Anil Bokil’s Arthakranti, the govt. will they even introduce a nominal banking dealing tax?

Abolition of taxation may be a low-hanging fruit for the govt. It may be a big democrat move before many state elections this year and also the Lok Sabha elections next year.

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