A Simple Guide To E-Verify Your Return!

So, have you filed your return before the due date? Great!

But has he verified his return? If not, do it now because not verifying your Tax Return (ITR) is as good as not presenting ITR because the IT department cannot continue processing it. You can verify your ITR either manually or online.

How is it done manually?

When you submit your ITR, you receive ITR-V in your registered email. To verify manually, you must send your ITR-V to Bangalore CPC within 120 days from the date of submission of your ITR by means of a speed publication or an ordinary publication at the following address:

Department of Income Taxes – CPC

Centralized processing center
Department of Income Tax, Bengaluru 560500

How to e-verify ITR?
In total, there are 6 methods to electronically verify your return: