UIDAI Introduces Virtual ID

AADHAR Introduces Virtual ID

In a bid to handle privacy considerations, the UIDAI these days introduced a brand new construct of ‘Virtual ID‘ that Aadhaar cardholders will generate from its website and provides for varied functions, as well as SIM verification, rather than sharing the particular 12-digit biometric ID.

This will provide the users the choice of not sharing their Aadhaar variety at the time of authentication.

Random 16-digit number

The Virtual ID, which might be a random 16-digit number, in conjunction with biometry of the user would offer any authorized agency sort of a mobile company, limited details like name, address, and photograph, that are enough for any verification.

Anyone together with your Aadhaar variety will See that Bank you’ve got an Account In

 User can generate as several Virtual IDs as he or she desires. The older ID gets mechanically off once a contemporary one is generated.

The distinctive Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has additionally introduced the construct of ‘limited KYC’ beneath that it’ll solely offer need-based or restricted details of a user to an authorized agency that’s providing a specific service, say, a telco.

The Virtual ID is going to be a short-lived and revocable sixteen digit random variety mapped to a person’s Aadhaar number and the Aadhaar-issuing body can begin accepting it from March one, 2018.

From June one, 2018, it’ll be mandatory

From June one, 2018, it’ll be mandatory for all agencies that undertake authentication to just accept the Virtual ID from their users.

Aadhaar data totally Safe, No Breach Has Occurred: UIDAI

Agencies that don’t migrate to the new system to offer this extra choice to their users by the stipulated point in time can face money disincentives.

Aadhaar number holder can use the Virtual ID in position of Aadhaar number whenever authentication or KYC services are performed. Authorisation is additionally performed using the Virtual ID in a manner identical as using Aadhaar number.

The move aims to strengthen the privacy and secured integrity of Aadhaar information and comes amid heightened problems around the assortment and storage of private and demographic data of individuals.

Users will visit the UIDAI website to come up with their virtual ID which can be valid for an outlined amount of your time, or until the user decides to alter it.

AADHAR Introduces Virtual ID

They can provide this Virtual ID to service agencies alongside the fingerprint at the time of authentication. Since the system generated Virtual ID will be mapped to an individual’s Aadhaar number itself at the back end, it will do away with the need for the user to share Aadhaar number for authentication.

It will also cut back the collection of Aadhaar numbers by various agencies.

As per the UIDAI, agencies that undertake authentication wouldn’t be allowed to generate the Virtual ID on behalf of Aadhaar holder.

The AADHAR Authority is forwarding circular to all or any sectors using its authentication and eKYC services to make sure Aadhaar number holders can provide the 16-digit Virtual ID over Aadhaar number within their application.

As several as 119 crores, biometric identifiers have been issued so far and Aadhaar is required as an identity proof of residents by various government and non-government entities.

For instance, the govt has created it necessary for confirmatory bank account and PAN to remove black cash and produce unaccounted wealth for the book. the same for SIM has been mandated to establish the identity of portable users.