24 different investments and expenditures you can claim in 80C up to 1.5 Lakh while filing your tax returns

  • ELSS: An ELSS is the only kind of mutual fund eligible for tax benefits under Section 80C. Returns 12 to 15% Lock in 3 years
  • NPS: National Pension System (NPS) is a retirement benefit Scheme introduced by the Government of India to facilitate a regular income post retirement to all the subscribers. Returns 8 to 10% Lock in Till age 60.
  • ULIP: ULIP is an insurance plan that offers the dual benefit of investment to fulfil your long-term goals, and a life cover to financially protect your family in case of an unfortunate event. Returns 7 to 8 % Lock in 5 years.
  • Tax saving FD : Many banks offer a five-year FD scheme that is meant for tax saving. One can claim an income tax deduction by investing money in a five-year FD scheme. Returns 5 to 6% Lock in 5 years.
  • PPF : Public Provident Fund (PPF) is a retirement savings scheme with the aim of providing a secure post-retirement life to everyone. The minimum deposit you must make in the account per financial year is Rs. 500 and it can go up to Rs. 1.5 lakh. Returns 7.1 % Lock in 5 years
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  • Senior citizen savings scheme : The Senior Citizens’ Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a government scheme that helps seniors save money for retirement and receive quarterly interest payments. Returns 7.4% Lock in 5 years.
  • NSC : National savings and investment is a government backed form of savings account, meaning that they offer a secure way to store your money. Returns 6.8% Lock in 5 years.
  • Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme : Your contributions towards the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana for your daughter’s future are eligible for tax deductions. Returns 7.6% Lock in Till girl child reaches 21 years of age.
  • Life Insurance Premium : Premium payments made towards Life insurance policies. Low Returns but Risk Cover
  • EPF : Employees’ Provident Fund is a retirement benefit scheme maintained by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). The employee and the employer contribute to the EPF scheme on monthly basis in equal proportions of 12% of the basic salary and dearness allowance.
  • Five-Year Post Office Time Deposit : Income tax benefits are available only for a 5-year post office time deposit account. Returns 6.7% Lock in 5 years.
  • Tuition fees paid for children’s education : For up to 2 children, tuition fees paid in the entire academic year per child are tax-deductible. Paid to any university, college, school or other educational institution situated within India.
  • Repayment of the principal amount of a home loan : An individual is entitled to tax deductions on the amount paid as repayment of the principal component on the housing loan.
  • Stamp Duty and Registration Charges paid for House Property: Stamp duty and registration charges and other expenses which are directly related to the transfer are allowed as a deduction.
  • Deferred annuity : Annuity plan contribution made on on the life of persons, or contract for such annuity plan of the Life Insurance Corporation
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  • Superannuation fund : A contribution by an employee to an approved superannuation fund.
  • Pension Fund : Contribution to a pension fund set up by any Mutual Fund.
  • National Housing Bank: Subscription to any such deposit scheme of, or as a contribution to any such pension fund set up by, the National Housing Bank
  • Approved IPO Government : Contribution or subscription to equity shares or debentures forming part of any eligible issue of capital approved by the Government and Notified.
  • Bonds : Bonds issued by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)
  • Pension Scheme for Govt Employee : Employee of the Central Government, as a contribution to a specified account of the pension scheme.
  • Infrastructure bonds: Infra bonds as they are commonly called, Infrastructure bonds are issued not by the government but by infrastructure companies.
  • NABARD Rural Bonds: NABARD, or the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, offers two kinds of bonds, viz. Bhavishya Nirman Bonds and NABARD Rural Bonds.
  • Any other Funds Approved by Govt and Notified : There are many other Pension Fund / Bonds / Govt Company who can issue scripts which qualify for 80C