Section 80GG: Deduction For Rent

House rents can turn into a genuine weight for the most part in the metropolitan urban communities where getting a house on lease is troublesome. Since the interest for the leased house is so high, the lease additionally getting soar as time passes. Be that as it may, in the event that you are a salaried worker and gets HRA or you have your own home in the town, you may require not to stress. Be that as it may, for the individuals who need to lease a house however don’t get HRA (House Rent Allowance), it might hurt their month to month pay. In any case, there is an arrangement in the Income Tax Act, which can be a deliverer for you. Pay Tax Act segment 80GG enables you to guarantee a conclusion on the measure of lease you pay each year.

What is Income Tax Act Section 80GG?

80GG is a segment in the Income Tax Act of India, under which an individual, either individual or HUF can guarantee a derivation on the lease that is paid towards an outfitted or empty house. The house must be being used for their private settlement.

By derivations, here we mean the sum you can deduct from your gross salary of the year to infer at the net assessable pay on which the pay expense would be charged.

How to claim deduction under Section 80GG?

There are sure conditions which you have to meet to be qualified for the reasonings under Section 80GG. Here are those criteria –

  • One can guarantee reasoning under this area in the event that the person is independently employed or salaried.
  • Organizations can’t guarantee conclusion under this area for their rental costs.
  • You being an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) must be qualified for get this conclusion.
  • In the event that you are salaried, you should not accepting any HRA advantages and you are not by any means qualified for get thus, to profit the advantage of segment 80GG.
  • In the event that the measure of lease surpasses Rs. 1 lakh, at that point you have to indicate PAN subtleties of the Landlord (proprietor) of the house to demonstrate that you are living there as an occupant on lease.
  • To demonstrate that you are not guaranteeing the finding on a house or a private property that is involved by you in the area or some other area of your work.
  • You can guarantee finding under this segment on any sort of private property which is empty, outfitted or even semi outfitted where you remain as an inhabitant.
  • On the off chance that the citizen gets any sort of comparative derivation in that appraisal year, at that point the individual in question or the HUF can’t get conclusion under this 80GG segment.

What will be the quantum of deduction under section 80GG?

The measure of conclusion can be the least of any of the accompanying three –

  • Rs. 5000 every month or yearly Rs. 60000
  • 25% of the yearly pay of the individual or the HUF
  • Sum inferred in the wake of deducting 10% of the complete pay from the measure of all out lease paid in the money related year.


For understanding the measure of conclusion that you can be qualified for betterly, here is a precedent.

Assume, your companion Samiksha is procuring Rs. 5 lakh p.a. She lives in Mumbai in a leased loft and pays a lease of Rs.15000 every month. In this way, her all out lease every year is Rs. 180000. Presently, according to the previously mentioned criteria, the three potential outcomes can be –

  • Rs. 60000 every year
  • 25% of 5 lakhs = 1.25 lakhs
  • 180000-(10% of 500000) = Rs.130000

In this way, the least of this three sum is Rs. 60000. So your companion can guarantee and get a finding of Rs. 60000 every year on the all out pay for the lease she pays.

Who can claim Deductions under this act?

An individual who lives in a leased private house and she or he should be an individual or HUF not accepting any HRA from their boss can get the reasoning.


There are sure situations where you can’t guarantee the finding regardless of whether you meet the previously mentioned criteria –

  • You are the proprietor of a house in the city or the town where you are utilized or doing your business (independent work).
  • For them who are remaining with their folks in the parental house, can’t get derivation under this area.

The Trick

Along these lines, you are living with your folks or some other relative where you don’t pay any lease yet need to benefit the finding under 80GG. All things considered, you have to pay the lease to your folks or relative at any rate on paper that is you need the receipts of lease installment of in any event Rs. 60000 to profit the base conclusion. In any case, the contort is your folks need to demonstrate the lease as their salary from lease in their government form.

What is the data required for claiming deduction under segment 80GG?

To guarantee the finding under segment 8oGG, you have to record the essential subtleties.

  • Your name
  • The location of the private reason where you have been living on lease. You need to give the full location the postal code too
  • Your PAN subtleties
  • The residency for which you are living in the leased property
  • Measure of lease and mode (through money, bank store and so on.) of installment
  • The location and name of the proprietor of the house. (for example landowner).
  • As referenced above also, if the lease you pay surpasses Rs. 1 lakh in a year, alongside your PAN subtleties you need to give the PAN subtleties of your proprietor.
  • An affirmation that you don’t possess any private property on your name or your companion name and even on the name of your minor kid or as an individual from HUF.


Under Section 80GG of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961, any individual or HUF (no Companies) can guarantee a reasoning on the measure of lease they pay for their settlement. To guarantee the reasoning the individual or the HUF must act naturally utilized or salaried. Also, in the salaried activity, individual or the HUF must not be qualified for get any HRA (for that appraisal year). The least of Rs. 60000 every year or 25% of the absolute pay in a year or the sum determined by deducting 10% of the all out salary from the complete lease paid in a year can be asserted as the conclusion. The assessee must not claim any private property on his or her name and not even on relatives like a life partner or minor kid’s name, else, they can’t be qualified for get any derivation under this segment.

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Certicom Consulting [ Kedia Arpana & Co ] is a group of Chartered Accountants in the business of Small Business Setup & Statutory Compliance including for Professionals for the past 15 years. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.