Last year, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) increased its overall yearly funding to India to $4.27 billion, thanks to Covid-19 support. The ADB stated in a statement on Friday that this was the greatest yearly lending commitment to the country since the bank’s lending operations began in 1986.

According to the announcement, the total sum includes $3.92 billion in sovereign financing for 13 projects, including $1.8 billion in pandemic-related support and a $356 million commitment through non-sovereign activities.

As part of its pandemic assistance to India, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) offered emergency assistance to contain the virus and implement social protection measures to help the poor and vulnerable.

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“ADB stands ready to provide more resources to address India’s many Covid-19-related challenges in the future, including funds to expedite the country’s ongoing vaccination programme and build the health system’s resilience against future shocks, as well as supplementary support to protect small businesses, underpin education, and underpin social protection,” said Takeo Konishi, ADB Country Director.


Aside from Covid-19 aid, the international lender increased its funding for India’s infrastructure development by assisting with energy, transportation, urban development, and public sector management.

This includes $500 million for the construction of an 82-kilometer high-speed Delhi-Meerut RRT system corridor, as well as energy sector loans to boost distribution networks in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Meghalaya, as well as a 120-megawatt hydroelectric power plant in Assam.