Say 12AA Registration, Registration u/s Sec 10 (23C) , PAN NO, TAN NO. etc

1.Voluntary Cancellation of any Registration ( Maybe granted Sec 12AA, u/s 10(23C, etc), Assessee may apply for cancellation of the Registration to the Authority at any point of time.

2.Once the cancellation application was received by the Authority, it is the duty of the Authority Either to accept it OR issue a Show Cause Notice to the Assessee within a reasonable time.

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3.Where no show cause notice was received within a reasonable time then Date of Cancellation of Registration has to be accepted as on the date when Assessee made the application before the Authority.

4.Where Show Cause Notice was received from the Authority, towards Cancellation Application, then the Effective date of Cancellation shall be held as the Date on Conclusion of hearing before the Authority OR reply to the Show Cause notice was placed before the Authority.

The above view was based upon the Principle that
” All the Powers held by someone in a Public Office are powers held in TRUST for the benefit of the Public at Large.
Officers have no discretion either to use or not to use the powers given by the ACT to the Officers.


5.Ex: For deciding the Effective Date of Voluntary Cancellation of Registration:
(i). Date of Application: 5th Feb 2019.
( ii). Show cause notice issued by Deptt: 10.03.2019.
(iii). Date of the hearing of Show Cause Notice. 20.03.2019.
(iv). Date of communication towards Cancellation from.Deptt: 05.06.2021.

Here the date of Voluntary Cancellation of Registration Shall be the date when on Conclusion of hearing of the Show Cause Notice that is 20.03.2019.

Date of Communication from Deptt. Towards Cancellation that is 05.06.2021 has no Relevance.

According Assessee is not under any obligation to fulfil the provisions relating to the Registration From.FY 2019-20.

The above view is supported by the Judgment of the ” NAVAJBAI RATAN TATA TRUST vs. PCIT (MUM.ITAT).

Nut Shell:

1.Voluntary cancellation of Registration ( Say 12AA, (10(23C)), shall be effective from the date on conclusion of the Hearing or filling reply to the Show Cause Notice towards Cancellation.

2.No Show cause notice it is the date of Application for Cancellation.

3.Date of Deptt’s letter granting Cancellation has no relevance to decide, Date of Cancellation.

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