GST Announcements

GST In the year 2000, the then Prime Minister introduced the concept of GST and set up a committee to design a GST model for the country. In 2003, the Central Government formed a taskforce on Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management, which in 2004 recommended GST to replace the existing tax regime by introducing a comprehensive tax on all goods and services replacing Central level VAT and State level VATs. It recommended replacing all indirect taxes except the customs duty with value added tax on all goods and services with complete set off in all stages of the value chain.

GST Annou

News on GST Model Law

The Model GST Law is the rule on which the whole structure of GST is based. It was concocted by the GST Council, which is an advisory group comprising of the Union Finance Minister (Chairperson), the Union Minister of State, the pastor responsible for fund or tax collection or whatever other priest named by each State Government.The changed adaptation of the model law was tabled in November 2016.

GST latest Announcements

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News on Roadblocks in Implementation

In spite of the fact that it is generally acknowledged that GST will get changes in the Indian tax collection which will be painful for all, the GST Council encountered some imperviousness to the change. Many states are stressed over a conceivable income misfortune, and a few organizations as well, have worries over the timetable of execution and the expense rates they may experience under the new administration.

News on Technology for GST

With the GST, the legislature of India is attempting to make a carefully sound economy. At the point when citizens utilize advanced intends to record charges, it prompts an open and straightforward framework and makes responsibility. The GST Council has selected a non-benefit, nongovernment, private constrained organization called the GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) to help make the fundamental innovation for the move from current assessment structure to the GST structure, and furthermore to enable organizations to receive new advancements and process for tax collection.

News on Rule Changes

The GST is a sacred revision, and any adjustment in the law will likewise influence the standards in that. Standards for invoicing, rules for punishment, rules characterizing the purpose of tax assessment – these are quite recently a portion of the cases of any run change in the model law.