Information about Annual Information Statement

The Income Tax Department has announced the roll-out of a new statement – AIS (Annual Information Statement). This will give you all the details (well almost all!) about YOUR financial transactions during the year.

What is AIS (Annual Information Statement)

Earlier Income Tax used to give statement 26AS. AIS is a much detailed one – with many more details included – like your Savings Interest, all Mutual Fund transactions during the year etc.

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Will 26AS be stopped?

• Now you can get both 26AS and also AIS.
• Both put together, Income Tax department knows all your financial transactions.
• You will find it very easy to know and submit details for your Income Tax returns.

How to access my AIS?

• Log in to your Income Tax account at
• Go to Services Tab
• Last option in this tab is the AIS option.

AIS will capture all financial transactions of the previous year.

• Stocks
• Insurance
• Credit Cards
• Purchase of property
• Mutual Funds
• Salary or Business income
• Dividends
• Interest on SB A/c and Deposits.