GST – New Registration Niggles, Impact & Road Map ahead!

There have been numerous frivolous questions recently posed by officials involved when businesspeople are applying for GST Number registration. There are a few instances below.

1. Sponsors – Residential Address – Others. 1. (Please specify) – LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE PROVIDE DETAIL: There is, indeed, no facilities available on the GST site for the personal address of the partners to input such latitude and longitude when applying to register.

2. Authorized Representative – Authorized representative – Others (specify please) – Details ALL WITH ENROLMENT ID. In other circumstances, this question was posed, even if the applicant clearly chose No against an authorised representative.

3. Aadhaar Authentication – E-KYC Documents – Aadhaar Authentication Status. Give E-KYC physicians to someone who has failed or has not tried authentication: The fact is that in some circumstances, even though the applicant had already completed the authentication of aadhar through OTP, this question was presented.

4. Business details – Your Business details – other information (Please specify) – CERTIFICATE UPLOAD SHOP OR MSME CERCIPHICATE OR ANY OTHER BUSINESS PROOF. In fact, before applying for GST registration in accordance with the legal provisions provided for in the GST Act, such registration does not need to exist.

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5. Authorized representative – Authorized representative – other representatives authorised representatives (Please specify) – CHILDREN PROVIDE REPRESENTATIVE DETAILS OF CA DETAILS (NAME, MEMBERSHIP NUMBER, OFFICE ADDRESS ETC.) SELF ATTED COPY OF IDENTITY Proof and Registry Number With Proof Application LETTER, SELF ATTESTED

6. Main business location – address – other business location (Please specify) – RUNNING OR PRESENT DOWNER AND GSTN NUMBER ITS FIRM NAME AND GSTN DOWN PLEASE DESCRIBE ANY

7. Main business centre – Ownership nature – Others (Please specify) – UPLOAD CLEAR, FULL RENT and ADHAR CARD, UPLOAD LEGAL OWNERSHIP PROOF OF PROPERTY LATEST INDEX COPY, LATEST TAX BILL COPY, AADHAR Cards. – All of the LED ATTACHMents and PAN cards. In fact, for such essential papers, the GST portal allows only 100 KB up to 1 MB and demands very high-resolution uploads at the same time.

8. Goods and services – Goods details – Goods details – state how long you or any other individual have been in this business for many years. If another person describes the relationship with this individual and his or her UPLOAD KYC WITH PHOTOGRAPH and has more to decide which merchants you are going to acquire, and to whom you are going to sell them? Describe the name and GST number of two or three parties. The fact is that no information is necessary to obtain the GST registration in accordance with the GST Act.

These are just a few of the silly questions. For additional such queries, you can search social media or any tax professional should have noticed these questions in what app group talks today as well.

Our economy may have a negative impact as country’s “ease of doing business” position could be reduced due to such barriers to simply registering taxes.

What should the GST Council do quickly?

1. In the case of multiple pages documents such as partnership deed, rental deed, etc., and up to 2 MB, permitted documentation to be uploaded in order to make the GST registration available must be increased to at least 5 MB. 1.

2. Website arrangement must be done in a manner that the official cannot generate any queries on that point at all if the authorised representative tab is responded “No” by the application.

3. The arrangement must be created on the website in such a way that the applicant cannot generate an inquiry at that stage if the aadhar authentication is carried out successfully by the applicant.

The deadline for filing tax returns extended to December 31.

4. Draft and include in the system a standard query list. Approval must be granted at least at the level of the Assistant Commissioner for any question made by officers beyond the usual list. It will lead to a more adequate task fixing and will assist avoid asking for certain unnecessary concerns.

5. In the issuance of such registrations it should also continue to attempt to control the possible corruption and guarantee that real registrations are provided without undue delay or harassment.

Not just decorative phrases must be “Ease of Business” and “Minimum Government Highest Governance.”