E-commerce tax?

E-commerce firms may get 6-month tax breather

The TCS is also provided in tax sources for distributors who produce six-month e-commerce websites in freight and service tax (GTS) segment.

Legal review committee can be a brewer for e-commerce players. This is strongly opposed by extra taxes.
The TCS will hand over 1 percent of the central government and state to the GSD Council on April 1, 2018.

Reverse charge mechanism and e-way bill. However, the e-vendor bill will be implemented from February 1 onwards in the backdrop of revenue leakage concerns. However, the reverse charge mechanism of structural dealers can now be implemented at any time.

The contract with TDS and TCS can be discouraged at least for a period of six months, which is the point of view of the legal committee.

 GSTN portal Should be stable

The TCS implementation will be through the GSTN portal, which should be stable, not only threatening the company of the company, but also the simplification of the company’s burden.


TCS will surely collect e-commerce players. Transactions for sale on the website of marketing customers will be done.
The TCS discount is one percent discount on model goods and tax-luxury e-commerce operators approved by GST. The TCS provision earlier in the GST Act had previously included up to ‘1% TCS’ following strong opposition of e-commerce industry.

1% of the Central GSDP and State GST account, while total connections are 2%. The government will help to inspect tax exemptions by collecting and activating any tax and information in TCS source. However, it will slow down the flow of money for the industry.

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The TCS is providing suppliers that sell it on e-commerce portals, that they will work for some time before getting their refunds. The industry also argued that TCS would be locked in with the capital and would discourage companies from selling online portals.
According to a Flipkart report last year, 4 billion jobs will be created each year. The e-commerce player is selling small, medium-sized entrepreneurs and selling them on e-commercial platforms and going to digital business.