Free banking services

Free banking services offered to customers, not under GST 

Mystery arose after sending notices to lenders for non-payment of service tax under the GST system. In the relief sector for the banking sector, the government cleared the uncertainty surrounding the GST on “free services” provided to customers. The center said these would not attract the GST.

Free banking services

Mystery arose after sending notices to lenders for non-payment of service tax under the GST system. This issue has not yet been sorted, although the government has given sufficient indication that these notices may be withdrawn.
In a 32-page Financial Services FAQ published on Sunday, the Central Council for Taxes and Customs (CBIC) stated that there would be no tax on services provided without consideration (free) to unrelated/privileged persons. The government replied to 91 in the FAQ

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Registration of Sales Tax

In other important clarifications, the Chinese central bank noted that ATMs do not take responsibility for registration of sales tax – they are not a place to work. In addition, derivatives, futures, and futures contracts are not subject to GST. Only service or brokerage fees will be.

The transfer of free services by banks contradicts the notices issued by the General Administration of Tax Intelligence Offices for goods and services to at least 20 private, multinational and public sector banks to clarify why the service tax, penalty, and interest are not paid to ‘free services provided to customers Between July 2012 and June 2017, a period before the introduction of GST.

Banks maintain minimum deposit balances and offer free services such as cash withdrawals from ATMs, checkbooks, account statements, online banking, debit cards, and PIN changes. Bank of England officials has already justified claims that banks were not providing “free services” but actually charging customers by demanding that they keep the account’s minimum balance and punish them if otherwise.


Notifications may now go to a joint jurisdiction, as all banks are affected in the same way. The Financial Services Division opposed the transition to tax banks to provide these “free services” to customers. At the time of GST implementation last year, the United Bank, Karur Vyas Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation sought to obtain clarification from the Central Council of Customs and then on the tax that may apply to services provided free of charge to customers.

Basic explanations

1. Machines do not need to register GST
2. Services provided by banks to RBI shall be subject to GST
3. Derivatives, futures, and futures contracts are not subject to GST
4. The additional interest charged for default in the payment of the installment in respect of any supply subject to GST shall be subject to GST

5. Life insurance policies issued to non-resident Indians where the premium is received from a non-taxable external bank account

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