Are you Ready?New banks are here

GAFA have already opened banks … just not in America

  • G – Google

  • A –  Apple

  • F – Facebook

  • A – Amazon

GAFA Banks

The rules of the road apply to banks yet. always look what’s coming back ahead otherwise you may be run over. Admittedly, it’s much easier to solely verify what’s there nowadays and not use it to anticipate what’s around the next corner.

However, that’s precisely the reason why so many nice corporations have fallen between the cracks of 2 S-Curves, from Kodak (who made-up photography but didn’t see the potential in it) to Nokia (who checked out the iPhone however selected to not settle for that the long run of mobile phones was not hardware however software).

For banks, this implies to just accept that the notion of the thus referred to as GAFA banks (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) could be a terribly real one. In fact, it’s already reality these days.

New Banks

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple spoke plenty louder

There has been ample speculation among skilled when these tech giants may enter banking, also as an excellent deal interest within the matter from a broader audience for several years currently (see below). 2017, however, was the year wherever the actions of Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple spoke plenty louder than any words or professional analyses could.


Oddly enough, Google is that the last one in the lineup to create its proper move banking, on the far side its already existing play within the payments area with Google billfold and android Pay. way back in 2006, the Google Finance portal was launched, that but remained in beta till 2009 and didn’t extremely evolved abundant since then.

Gafa Banks and FInance

This has currently modified. Google quietly interrupted the complete service and launched a revamped “Google Finance” tab directly in Google Search. It provides people monetary info based on their interest also as further insights joined to individual stocks, local markets or world markets and alter individuals to relevant market movements.

Economic informative perform

In short, it provides the insights retail and affluent shoppers would otherwise get from their bank. this can be particularly vital as this sort of economic informative perform is an element of the fee-based components of the banking value chain. Contrary to transactional and custody functions, this can be wherever the future of banking lies, as purchasers value such services most i.e. their disposition to pay for such offerings is highest.

The second of the GAFAs, Amazon, is betting big on lending as its main beachhead for disrupting finance. middle of 2017 it disclosed that the little business loaning arm it launched quietly in 2011 had surpassed the $3 billion mark and was fast its pace considerably, having additional $1 billion of latest loans within the preceding twelve months alone. Amazon’s second line of attack is payments. Amazon Pay, that has recently been added to the Echo’s/Alexa’s talent set, is set to receive a serious boost by tapping into the market of voice payments. A market that is projected to be used ~78 billion users by 2022 within the United States alone (see exhibit 2).

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