How to E-file Income Tax Returns ( ITR )?

How to E-file Income Tax Returns ( ITR )? – Income Tax E-filing Guide

Step 1:  E-filing ITR – Start

Before starting, you must have the following document to speed up the process:

  • PAN
  • Adhaar
  • Bank Account Details
  • Form 16
  • Investment Details

Step 2: Enter your Personal Information

  • Enter Your Name,
  • PAN,
  • Date of Birth, and
  • Father’s Name.

Step 3: Enter your Salary Details

1)  Fill in Your Company Name and Type.

2)  Give your salary and TDS information. To enter your salary details in detail, ‘Click here’.

Step 4: Enter Details to Claim Reduction

Enter investment details for the deductions to be claimed (Eg. LIC, PPF, etc., and other tax allowance claims here.

Step 5: Enter the Details of Taxes Paid

If you have any non-salary income, say, interest income or freelance income, then add tax payments that are already made. You can also add these details by uploading Form 26AS.

Step 6: E-File

Enter your bank account details and proceed to e-filing.

Step 7: E-Verification

After your return is submitted, e-verify your income tax return. Watch this video to find out how to e-File ITR Online

If you miss the due date to submit a refund, you can still apply before 31 December 2018 by paying a fee of Rs 5,000. If you submit after 31 December 2018, you must pay a fee of Rs 10,000. Also to note that the deadline for submitting late returns for 2017-18 FY ends on 31 March 2019.

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