How Twitter was hacked? Here are the Latest Fact

 On Wednesday afternoon, the most popular Twitter accounts in America were all tweeting about Bitcoins. It was a Scam, of course, but one that had a media drive from the biggest political and entertainment handles in the United States. Twitter was trying to regain power and delete tweets, but some of the handles were posting identical messages even after that. It was a bad day even by Twitter standards. In what is being dubbed as one of the “most brazen cyberattacks in history”.

Here are the Some of Prominent Twitter Handles which got hacked

Apple and Uber handles were among the first to be impacted, followed by Joe Biden, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, .. Warren Buffett, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Uber, Wiz Khalif, Floyd Mayweather, Cash App, MrBeast, XXXTentacion, parody account TheTweetOfGod…. the list goes on.

How did they get Hacked?

Late Wednesday evening, Twitter believed that it was a concerted engineering assault by people who have successfully targeted some of our employees with access to internal systems and tools. Those who have access to these tools, “ostensibly Twitter employees,” can reset accounts-related email addresses.

twitter hacked

What are Consequences of this security incident?

The consequences are huge given the fact that the most influential and famous accounts have been hacked. Given the global impact Twitter has on political discussions, and in the US in particular, the checked handling of too many politicians at the same time does not augur well for the website.

At least one Senator, Josh Hawley of Missouri, wrote to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey calling for an explanation as soon as the problem had been resolved. Twitter will have some explanation to explain to the U.S. political establishment in the coming days.

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