Benefits of Filing Income Tax Return on time – AY 2018-19

 income tax return filing

1. Easy Loan Approval

Registration of ITR will help individuals, when they need to apply for a vehicle loan (2-wheeler or 4-wheeler), mortgages, etc. All major banks can request a copy of the tax return

2. Claim tax refund

If you have a refund for your income tax, you will need to submit a tax return to claim the refund.

3. Income and address of evidence

Income tax can be used as proof of income and address.

4. Quick Visa Processing

Most embassies and consulates must submit a copy of your tax return in the past two years when a visa application is submitted.

5. Forward your loss

If you sign up again within the due date, you will be able to claim losses over the next few years, which can be used to receive income from subsequent years.

6. Avoid penalties

If you have to return your tax return, you will not be entitled to tax, up to Rs.5,000.

7. Refer to and earn up to Rs. 3000

Refer and get Rs. 50 for all friends who managed e-files.


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