Tax exemption announced, new order issued, and big relief for income tax payers!

For everyone, income tax is a crucial tax. All income levels, from middle class to upper class, are subject to this particular tax, but the government is about to give those who pay it a significant break.


The decision has been made to exempt taxpayers greatly from payment. The Finance Ministry has issued a new order for it.


This sum will not be subject to tax. Recent tax exemption orders from the Income Tax Department have greatly benefited taxpayers. This new directive states that starting today, taxpayers will obtain the advantage of an exemption from income tax on the amount paid for treatment. In other words, you won’t owe tax on this sum.



CBDT has released the form for exemption

Let us inform you that the Income Tax Department periodically modifies the rules while taking into account the needs of the taxpayers. In this regard, the Central Board of Direct Taxes has provided information (CBDT). A form for income tax exemption on new conditions and costs related to the treatment of corona had also just been released by CBDT.


Documents to be submitted along with the form

The 5 August 2022 announcement states that as of right now, your employer must submit a form to the Income Tax Department along with a few supporting documents detailing the sums paid by the employer or by family members for corona therapy. One may request a tax exemption.


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In addition, the Income Tax Department digitized the tax exemption form to better serve the public and encourage digitization, ensuring that they would not encounter any difficulties or need to visit several offices.