Challan Status On TRACES (Have a Look)

Being a privately owned business or a legislature deductor you would dependably be required to import and match your TDS challan subtleties at the season of recording of quarterly TDS or TCS returns. You can do likewise by making TRACES login to your record.

In the wake of making the login pursue this procedure

  • Tap on Statements or installments choice
  • Select challan status in the drop down
  • Presently you have two choices to check the subtleties
  • Choice 1: Enter the period for which you need to see the challans and
  • Select the challan status to be seen for example guaranteed or unclaimed or all
  • Choice 2: Enter BSR code, date of store, Challan sequential Number and sum.
  • On the other hand, you can see “Challan utilization subtleties” table.

What is the importance of Challan?

Challans are the endorsed structures utilized for making charge installments. Distinctive challans have been endorsed relying on the idea of expense installments. For eg

  • Challan 280 is for installment of salary charge (advance expense, self-evaluation impose and so forth)
  • Challan 281 is for making installment of TDS or TCS
  • Shape 26QB is for making charge installment for TDS deducted on the clearance of property and so on

Can challan be submitted on the web?

For making installment of assessments an endorsed report known as challan should be filled. It is accessible at

  • Income tax
  • Banks
  • Online

What’s more, the installment can be made either

  • Online

For making the online installment one needs net keeping money or platinum cards of the approved banks.

  • Offline

You can present the printed copies of challan together with the sum payable at physical bank counters.

Which things are required to be considered while making the Challan installment?

Following things ought to be dealt with while topping off the challan, for example,

  • Determination of right head of expense installment
  • Safeguard while choosing the method of installment
  • Legitimate consideration at the time fo entering the sum
  • Nature of installment chose ought to be cross-checked
  • Evaluation year ought to be effectively chosen
  • Dish and TAN subtleties of deductor ought to be entered accurately

What is the procedure to see challan status on TRACES?

To see the challan on TRACES you have to

  • Login your record
  • Go to Statements or Payments Menu
  • Tap on Challan Status
  • Enter Challan subtleties

The outcomes will show up. Likewise, any unused equalization accessible will be appeared against the challan subtleties it has a place with.

What is the distinction among Claimed and Unclaimed under challan status?

Asserted: A sum in challan which has been appeared in TDS return by the assessment filer and is effectively coordinated with the bank installment subtleties is known as guaranteed.

Unclaimed: Any bank installments which have not yet been asserted in the arrival are known as unclaimed challan.

What does “Challan Consumption Details” table mean?

It is a table appearing different exchange when a particular challan was asserted/expended. The accompanying data can be removed from this table of challan utilization

Challan Consumption Table Status of Challan
Amount Claimed = Challan Balance available Fully Consumed
Amount Claimed < Challan Balance available Partially Consumed
Amount Claimed = 0 Matched
Amount Claimed > Challan Balance available Over Booked


What does Challan Status Query for Statements mean?

By giving the

  • Money related Year
  • Quarter and
  • Frame Type

Deductor can see points of interest of all the challans that have been utilized in the TDS return/explanation for the period.

I have chosen wrong segment while making the TDS challan Payment. Is there a need to contact Assessing officer?

No correspondence to Jurisdictional Assessing Officer is required to be presented in defense of wrong determination of segment code by the duty investor. The CPC-TDS considers the idea of installment based on TDS returns and not based on challan points of interest.

Regardless of whether you so wish to change the subtleties of challan it is recommended to record a revision articulation through OLTAS.

Could a solitary challan be petitioned for various TDS installments?

Indeed, a solitary challan can be petitioned for TDS installments to be made under various segment codes. The idea of installment in a challan can have different choices.

While submitting challan for TDS which subhead will be chosen?

At the season of topping off challan for installment of TDS for example challan number 281 select Minor head – 400.

How deductee line can be moved starting with one challan then onto the next?

A deductee column can be moved from one challan to other inside a quarter if, the equalization is accessible. In the event that the challan isn’t accessible in a similar quarter or return, changes in regard of the equivalent are first required to be finished. After that deductee columns can be moved from one challan for example overbooked challan to another challan.

Meaning of OLTAS?

OLTAS or Online Tax Accounting System is the activity of the Income Tax Department. It was essentially done to track charges paid through the transferring of challan subtleties.

Checking authorized banks of OLTAS?

To check the rundown of approved banks you are required to initially visit Presently under the administrations tab select OLTAS. Further, select the symbol of bank offices. A page will open up tap on the state and select the area for which you need to check accessible bank offices. A rundown of every single approved bank in the district will open up.

Will I get some receipt on submitting challan to the bank?

The approved bank will put stamp as a token of affirmation of the expense sum on challan. You should take two duplicates of the printed challan and persuade both recognized to be protected for future reference. The elastic stamp fastened shows extraordinary CIN. CIN is a 20 digit number. It includes

  • 7 digits of BSR code
  • Date of store and
  • 5 digits of challan sequential number

CIN is interesting through the nation and thus is utilized for recognizable proof motivations behind the challan.

What are the diverse challans accessible?

You can get the rundown of all challans on TIN NSDL. Extensively,

  • Challan 281 is for installment of TDS
  • Challan 280 is for Income assess installments