Detail Information on GSTR-9 and GST Annual Return

Hi, in this post we will talk about all in regards to GSTR-9 or the GST yearly return. Which means, various sorts, due date and GSTR 9 design or the subtleties. Additionally, we have given a downloadable PDF of GSTR-9 position. Peruse the full post to know more.

We will discuss:

  • Which means of GSTR-9
  • Sorts of GSTR 9
  • GSTR 9 due date


What is GSTR 9

GSTR 9 is the yearly return. It is a gathering return which incorporates all business exchanges accomplished for the specific Financial Year. GSTR-9 comprises of insights regarding the provisions made and got amid the year under various assessment heads i.e., CGST, SGST, and IGST. It unites the data outfitted in the month to month/quarterly returns amid the specific year.

Various sorts of GSTR-9

Form Applicability

GSTR 9 It is an Annual return for enlisted people under the ordinary plan

GSTR 9A Annual return pertinent for enrolled people under Composition Scheme

GSTR 9B Annual Return for the web based business administrators who have recorded GSTR 8 amid the FY.

GSTR 9C Reconciliation structure to be affirmed by CA/CMA for enrolled people with a turnover of multiple crores

Every single such citizen are likewise required to get their records evaluated and document a duplicate of examined yearly records and compromise explanation of expense effectively made good on and government obligation payable according to reviewed accounts alongside GSTR 9C.

Learn GSTR-9 due dates

The due date to document the GSTR-9 is 31st Dec of the previous year. For instance, 31st December 2018 for the FY 2017-18.

Details or Format of GSTR 9

PART Details required

Part-I Details of the citizen are required. This detail will be auto-populated.

Part-II Outward and Inward supplies subtleties announced amid the FY. This detail must be gotten by combining outline from all GST returns recorded in past Financial Year.

Part-III Details of the ITC proclaimed in returns documented amid the FY. The abridged qualities will be gotten from every one of the profits of GST documented in the past FY.

Part-IV Information of expense paid as announced in the profits recorded amid the FY.

Part-V Particulars of the exchanges for the past FY proclaimed in returns of Apr to Sept of current FY or up to the date of recording of GSTR-9 of past FY whichever is prior. Along these lines, the rundown of change or oversight sections having a place with past Financial Year yet detailed in Current Financial Year would be isolated and announced in this part.

Part-VI Other Information:

Requests and discounts of GST,

HSN shrewd rundown data of the no of products provided and got with its relating Tax subtleties against each HSN code

Late charges to be paid and paid subtleties

Isolation of internal supplies got from various sorts of citizens like Composition sellers, esteemed supply and merchandise provided on endorsement.

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