Filling Instructions for GSRT-9 for FY 2021–2022

The due date for filing out GSTR-9 -is 31ST December 2022 so request of readers I have noted down some points to remember while filling out GSTR-9-


1. Who has to file GSTR-9

Registered Taxpayers with aggregate turnover of more than Rs 2 crore must file GSTR-9.


2. Amendment in Tables of GSTR-9 

I. Table No 4- Details of outward supply on which tax is payable

Table No. 4I to 4L (Credit/Debit Notes/Supplies/Tax/Declared Through Amendments) was previously optional; we could disclose net of Credit/Debit Note Amendments. However, beginning with FY 2021–22, it will be necessary to report all of Table No. 4’s columns.




II. Table No 5- Details of outward supply on which tax is not payable

Table No. 5D to 5F, which deals with exempted/nil-rated/non-GST supply, used to be optional, and we could report consolidated figures related to the above, but starting in F.Y. 2021–2022, registered persons are required to provide separate information regarding Non-GST supply as well as consolidated figures for exempted and Nil rated supply.

For F.Y. 2021–2022, the option to fill Table No. 5 – net of credit/debit note changes, remains available.


III. Table No 6- Details of ITC availed during the F.Y

It is still possible to record the total amount as inputs or the breakdown of inputs and input services, but information regarding the ITC for capital goods must be provided separately.

Additionally, Table No. 6 D only, i.e., the aggregated figure, continues to offer the option to provide information relating to ITC linked to reverse charges connected to registered persons or unregistered persons.




IV. Table No 7- Details of ITC reversed and Ineligible ITC during the year

The option to report the entire amount of reversal in Table 7H only continues for F.Y 2021-22 but reversals on account of transitional credit need to be separately given.


V. Table No 8- other ITC related information

Taxpayers must provide data from Tables No. 8A to 8D and upload it to GSTR-9C without a CA certification.


VI. Table No 10,11,12 & 13 –Details of transactions reported in the next financial year:

Option to give details of transactions reported in next F.Y continues for F.Y 2021-22




VII. Table No 15 and 16- Particulars of Demand and refund & Supplies received from composition taxpayers, deemed supply by job –worker and goods sent on approval basis :

Option to fill details stated above continues for F.Y 2021-22



VIII. Table No 17- HSN-WISE summary of Outward supplies

Mandatory to report the HSN summary of outward supplies for F.Y 2021-22-

  • Six digits HSN code for Turnover above 5 crores
  • Four Digits HSN code for all BTOB supplies up to Rs 5 crores
IX. Table No 18- HSN wise summary of Inward Supplies

Option to fill Table No 18 continues for F.Y 2021-22 That s all for today