Important GST Dates – Your Calendar for GST 2018

Filing returns to the government within certain dates is important for taxpayers to prevent payment of any interest and penalties.

GST Calendar can help you remember when to register your return. Forms of GSTR-1, 2, 3 will be filed by a person registered under GST for every other month than those registered under the agreement. The person registered under the system must register GSTR-4 under GST for each quarter.

Due dates for GSTR-6 Extended!
The due date of the GSTR-6 application for the months from July 2017 to August 2018 is extended until September 30, 2018. (Notice of July 30, 2018).

As of the 23rd GST Council meeting on November 10, 2017

Relief according to GSTR

  • All companies register GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B until September 2018.
  • GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 applications are suspended.
  • Sales under Rs 1.5 Cr can also choose to register quarterly GSTR-1
  • Sales over Rs 1.5 Cr need to register monthly GSTR-1
  • All companies must register GSTR-3B by 20 next month until September 2018.

GSTR-1 filing Due Dates

For turnover up to Rs 1.5 cr and opted Quarterly

Period  Due dates
Jan- Mar 2018 30th April 2018
Apr-June 2018 31st July 2018
July-Sept 2018 31st Oct 2018
Oct-Dec 2018 31st Jan 2019
Jan-Mar 2019 30th Apr 2019

For turnover of more than Rs 1.5 cr/ For turnover of less than 1.5 cr but opted Monthly

Period Dates
April 2018 31st May 2018
May 2018 10th June 2018
June 2018 10th July 2018
July 2018 11th Aug 2018
Aug 2018 11th Sept 2018
Sept 2018 11th Oct 2018

Other GSTR filing extensions

Return Revised Due Date Old Due Date
GSTR-6 (by ISD) for Jul’17 to Aug’18 30th Sept 2018 31st July 2018


Due dates for filing GSTR-3B for July 2018 to Sept 2018 

Month Last Date of filing GSTR-3B
July  2018 20th August 2018
August 2018 20th September 2018
September 2018 20th October 2018
October 2018 20th November 2018
November 2018 20th December 2018
December 2018 20th January 2019
January 2019 20th February 2019
January 2019 20th February 2019

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