Invoicing – GST

Invoicing Under GST

Under GST invoicing standards and arrangements have been told covering points of interest, for example, provider’s name, transporting and charging address, HSN Code, place of supply, rate. In this article, we will be covering all parts of invoicing under GST.

Time limit to for invoicing under GST

GST invoice format

Official Notification from Gov:

The GST Model law has characterized as far as possible for the issue of GST charge solicitations, changed bills, charge notes, and credit note.

Following are the due dates for issuing a receipt to clients:

  • Supply of Goods (Normal case)- On or before date of expulsion/conveyance
  • Supply of Goods (Continuous Supply)- On or before date of issue of record explanation/installment
  • Supply of Services (General case)- inside 30 days of supply of administrations
  • Supply of Services (Banks and NBFCs)- inside 45 days of supply of administrations

Update Already Issued Invoices under pre-GST administration

GST Invoice Format For Better Service

Updated impose solicitations can be issued by an enlisted assessable individual inside one month from the issuance of endorsement of enrollment i.e. GST Registration. It will be issued against the receipt as of now issued amid the period beginning from the compelling date of enlistment till the date of issuance of endorsement of enrollment to him

What is Bill of Supply?

Assessment receipt is for the most part issued to charge the expense and pass on the credit. In GST there are a few cases where the provider is not permitted to charge any duty and henceforth a Tax receipt can’t be issued rather another record called Bill of Supply is issued.

How to raise total solicitations?

Where the estimation of receipt is not as much as Rs 200 and the beneficiary is an unregistered, enlisted citizen, he or she can issue a total receipt for such various solicitations once a day.

For instance, you may have issued 3 solicitations in a day of Rs.80, Rs90, and Rs120. In such a case you can issue a solitary receipt, totaling to Rs290, to be called a total receipt.

At the point when is charge note issued?

Charge note is to be issued by the provider:

  • Unique expense receipt has been issued and assessable incentive in the receipt surpasses real assessable esteem.
  • Unique duty receipt has been issued and expense charged in the receipt surpasses real assessment to be paid.

At the point when is credit note issued?

The credit note is to be issued by the provider:

  • Unique expense receipt has been issued and assessable incentive in the receipt surpasses genuine assessable esteem.
  • Unique assessment receipt has been issued and duty charged in the receipt surpasses genuine expense to be paid.
  • Beneficiary discounts the merchandise to the provider
  • Administrations are observed to be lacking

What are the particular required fields in a GST agreeable receipt?

To issue and get a GST consistent receipt is an essential to guarantee ITC. On the off chance that a citizen does not issue such receipt his client loses ITC guarantee and the citizen loses its clients. Here we say the required fields in a receipt:

  • Receipt number and date
  • Client name
  • Dispatching and charging address
  • Client and citizen’s GSTIN
  • Place of supply
  • HSN code
  • Assessable esteem and rebates
  • Rate and measure of charges i.e. CGST/SGST/IGST
  • Thing subtle elements i.e. portrayal, unit value, amount

What are the different sorts of solicitations or supporting reports?

Every single diverse kind of GST consistent solicitations, for example,

  • deals solicitations
  • buy solicitations
  • bill of supply
  • credit notes
  • charge notes
  • propel receipts
  • discount vouchers
  • conveyance challans (for supply on the endorsement, supply of fluid gas, work and other).


What’s the diff between receipt date and due date?

Receipt date alludes to the date when the receipt is made on the billhook, while the due date is the point at which the installment is expected against the receipt.

How to issue a receipt under invert charge?

Here, you not issue a receipt not quite the same as common deals or buy solicitations. The main extra necessity is that you have to specify on the receipt that expense is paid on invert charge.

Is it obligatory to keep up receipt serial number?

Yes, receipt serial number must be looked after entirely.

For instance, if the receipt is being issued with the serial number as INV001, a similar organization must be kept up. You may change the configuration by giving a composed suggesting the GST office officer alongside explanations behind the same

What are all subtle elements required to be said in GSTR-1 for archives issued?

For the accompanying idea of reports issued the number of records arranged, wiped out and net issued alongside the serial number of each must be said:

  1. Invoices for outward supply
  2. Invoices for inward supply from unregistered person
  3. Revised Invoice
  4. Debit Note
  5. Credit Note
  6. Receipt voucher
  7. Payment Voucher
  8. Refund voucher
  9. Delivery Challan for job work
  10. Delivery Challan for supply on approval
  11. Delivery Challan in case of liquid gas
  12. Delivery Challan in cases other than by way

Would I be able to sign my receipt through DSC?

Yes, you may carefully sign your at our product through DSC and genuine your receipt. On the off chance that you don’t have a DSC, we additionally give a choice to sign through Aadhaar number.