GST Rates – Daily Life of a Common man Staged as 4 Stages

How GST Affects a Common Man

Finally, GST is Active……! The India was waiting for that. The Success of New tax rule will be depending on the Reaction from the People…..The Common Man………Let’s Check how it affects A common man like Most of us.
We can Just check the prices and which stage of GST that is included.

Good and Simple Tax – PM

HOW GST Effects A Common Man

0% GST Rates Items

Wheat, rice, other cereals, flour, flour, gram flour, mud (murmur), lost, bread, jaggery, milk, curd, lassi, open cheese, eggs, meat-fish, honey, fresh fruit-vegetables, Postcards / envelopes, books, slate-pencils, chocks, newspaper-magazines, maps, postal,  papers, stamps, leaflets, contraceptives, stamps, court papers, Atlas, Globe, handloom, pottery, farming Tailor tools, seeds, organic brands without brands, all types of contraception, blood, hearing machine.

5% GST Rates Items

Branded grains, branded flour, branded honey, sugar, tea, coffee, desserts, edible oils, skimmed milk powder, milk products of children, rusk, pizza bread, toast bread, pastry mix, processed / frozen fruit-vegetables, packing Paneer, dry fish, newsprint, brochure, leaflet, ration kerosene, cooking gas, broom, cream, spices, juice, sago, herbs, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, life preservative drugs, stent, blood vaccine,Hepatitis Diagnosis Kit, Drug Formulation, Crutch, Wheelchair, Tricycle, Lifeboat, Handpump and its Parts, Solar Water Heater, Renewable Energy Equipment, Brick, Ceramics Tires, Cycle-Rickshaw Tires, Coal, Lignite, Coke, Coal Gas, All Side (ore) and concentrate, ration kerosene, LPG

12% GST Rates Items

Salt, Bhujia, Butter Oil, Ghee, Mobile Phone, Dry Fruit, Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Soy Milk Juice and Drinks with Milk, Processed / Frozen Meat-Fish, Agarbatti, Candle, Ayurvedic-Greek-Siddha-Homeo medicines, Gauge, bandage, plaster, orthopedic device, tooth powder, sewing machine and its needle, bio gas, Exercise book, Kraft paper, paper box, children’s drawing and color book, printed card, glasses lens, pencil Ceramic items, steel, copper and aluminum utensils, electric vehicles, bicycles and parts, sporting goods, toys bicycles, cars and scooters, artwork, marble / granite, sharpeners, knives, coir mattresses, LED lights, kitchens and restrooms Block, umbrella, walking stick, flame bricks, comb, pencil, crayon.

18% GST Rates Items

Hair oil, soap, toothpaste, corn flakes, pastry, cake, jam-jelly, ice cream, instant food, sugar confectionery, food mix, soft drinks concentrate, diabetic food, nicotine gum, mineral water, hair oil, soap, toothpaste, Coir Mattress, cotton pillow, register, account book, notebook, eraser, fountain pen, napkin, tissue paper, toilet paper, camera, speaker, plastic product, helmet, can, pipes, sheet, insecticide, refra Household items made of keratin cement, biodiesel, plastic tubes, pipes and household items, ceramic-porcelain-china, glass bottle-jar-utensils, steel-to-bars-angle-tube-pipe-nuts-bolts, LPG Stoves , Electric motor and generator, optical fiber, glasses frame, goggles, handicap car

28% GST Rates Items

Custard Powder, Instant Coffee, Chocolate, Perfume, Shampoo, Beauty or Makeup, Deodorant, Hair Dye / Cream, Powder, Skin Care Products, Sunscreen Lotion, Manicure / Pedicure Product, Shaving Cream, Razor, Aftershave, Liquid Soap, Detergent , Aluminum foil, television, fridge, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, electric heater, electric hot plate, printer, photocopy and fax machine, leather Vodafone, God, Clocks, Video Game Console, Cement, Paint-Varnish, Potty, Ply Board, Marble / Granite (No Block), Plaster, Mica, Steel Pipe, Tiles and Ceramics Products, Plastic Floor Covering and Bath Fittings, Car Bus-truck tube-tires, lamps, light fittings, aluminum door-window frames, insulated wire cables.


With the Rajya Sabha set to pass the hotly anticipated Goods and Services Tax (GST) Bill, nation’s most transformative expense change in decades is probably going to influence in the regular man from multiple points of view.

As the GST achieves its last stages, the notable enactment guarantees to bring together the expense framework for the country and increment the GDP by 2 for each penny. So while administrations could get more costly, it’s a blended pack for buyers for products.

In any case, how can it affect you? Here is speedy cheat sheet on how this duty enactment will affect your financial plan.


For eating out, on the off chance that you spend Rs 1000. At present you pay on a normal 18.5 for each penny as administration assessment and VAT.

So separated from the administration charge, you as a rule need to manage the weight of Rs 1185.

Under the GST administration, its normal that the rates can be settled at 18 for every penny or above.

In like manner at 20 for every penny rough expense rate, your bill is set to go up, to no less than 1200 rupees.

Administrations will get more costly if GST is actualized as states will now have the administrations under their net and henceforth it will mean they can settle higher rates,  said DK PANT, chief economist, India ratings-Fitch ratings.


As the states are required likewise to choose benefit impose rates, your telephone bill could see heightening of duties.

So on a bill of Rs 1000 on which you pay benefit assessment of 15 percent lastly pay Rs 1150.

Post the GST, if the expense rate is settled at 18 for every penny then you should shell in any event Rs 1180.

Rajan Mathews, Cellular Operators Association of India disclosed to India Today, “Under the GST, the assessment rate will undoubtedly go up and the telecom administrators should pass it on to the customers, we can take a gander at web packs and call rates getting higher.”


Purchasing garments and form brands will be less expensive, as the successful extract obligation (7.5per penny) and VAT of normal 5per penny will be subsumed in GST section.

So in the event that you get a Rs 1000 T-shirt today, you pay 1125 including different expenses. In any case, if GST is kept at 12 percent, at that point your last bill will be Rs 1120.


Purchasing an auto won’t just be less demanding in various states with value closeness amongst assembling and non-producing states however impose specialists trust it will be less expensive too.

For instance, a Rs 5 lakh auto draws in extract obligation of 12.5 for every penny, and alongside VAT generally comes to Rs 6.25 lakh. Presently under the GST it is relied upon to go down as much as Rs 35,000 if the rate is settled at 18per penny, so for you the cost will be Rs 5.9 lakh rupees

We will see more expense focused rates and will lessen costs for shoppers. We are anticipating the GST Roland Folger, CEO, Mercedes-Benz India revealed to India Today.


On the off chance that you intending to purchase a foreign made telephone from the market the countervailing obligation and VAT comes to 12.8 for every penny.

So if the GST committee chooses to peg the rate at 18 percent, at that point for a Rs 10,000 telephone for which you pay Rs 11,280 right now, you should spend Rs 11,800.


Be that as it may, staring at the TV could get less expensive, as a feature of the Make in India activity, the GST is relied upon to be lower.

So at introduce for Rs 20,000 LED TV you pay around 24.5 for each penny assess spending Rs 24,900 in the long run.

As the GST rate is relied upon to be at 18 for each penny, for you the cost will come down to Rs 23,600


Assessment specialists have pointed how as of now just 2 for each penny of compelling expenses is passed on to the buyers yet according to the GST display, no less than 6 for every penny rates could be forced, affecting the gems buy.

Web based BUYING

Purchasing packs, shoes, hardware online will be getting more costly as the web based business industry comes into an assessment net and should pay impose deducted at hotspot for each buy from its merchants.

So web based business organizations which will see contracting of net revenues and increment assess consistence net could cut rebates and complimentary gifts that they offer.

“Web based business will see correction of its duty consistence and its time we comprehend the business in India. However, purchasers can profit by bring down strategic cost and quicker conveyance. General expense gathering will be a test, Harishankar Subramaniam, National Leader, Indirect Tax, EY.