How To Delink Aadhaar From Bank Account And SIM Cards?

How To Delink Aadhaar

The Supreme Court issued a ruling regarding Delink Aadhaar, which links Aadhaar with your bank account or SIM card is no longer compulsory and forces anyone to do so will be deemed unconstitutional. For those who have linked a 12-digit identity number issued by UIDAI, they can expect bankers and telecommunications service providers to issue an efficient process to cancel the Aadhaar link.

What is the basis for not making Aadhaar associate mandatory for this service?

The Supreme Court noted that in the failure to connect Aadhaar to a bank account, the person was not eligible to use their account, which meant that the money in it was not accessible. This means losing someone from using his own property. Because the bank already has the KYC method before Aadhaar enters the picture, the need for additional layers is not needed.

As for SIM cards, the Department of Telecommunications in a circular manner (dated March 23, 2017) directs all service providers to verify customers (new and existing) using Aadhaar-based e-KYC.

Regarding this matter, the Supreme Court said, “Circular on March 23, 2017 which requires the linking of cell phone numbers with Aadhaar is considered illegal and unconstitutional because it is not supported by law and hereby canceled.”

Note that all private cellular payment service providers such as PayTM, Amazon Pay, etc. also cannot request your Aadhaar data and revoke you from one of their services due to lack of it.

How do you Delink Aadhaar?

Usually, for the purpose of KYC (knowing your customers), the organization will ask for Aadhaar’s details for ‘Aadhaar Authentication’. In the process, you will share your biometric information (such as fingerprints) or OTP (if done online), which means that you give your consent to provide Aadhaar details such as photos and addresses to the organization.

You can track your Aadhaar history at any time to see who has used your details.

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