Most recent amendments in GST Rules

1. Rule 10A has been embedded – Taxpayers are required to outfit bank account data on the entryway within 45 days of the grant of resignation or the due date of GSTR-3B, whichever is prior.

Compelling date = 28 June 2019;

2.Rule 21 has been amended –  GST registration is subject to be dropped of an individual not furnishing the details required according to Rule 10A alluded previously.

Compelling date = 28 June 2019.

3. Rule 32A has been embedded – For the reason for charging GST, the estimation of supply of good or services will exclude the estimation of Kerala Flood Cess charged consequently.

Viable date = 1st July 2019.

4. Rule 46 and Rule 49 has been amended- A stipulation has been embedded to give the necessity of Quick Response (QR) code on tax invoice and bill of supply, subject to specific conditions and confinements, as might be indicated.

Viable date = To be Notified.

5. Rule 66(2), 67(2) and 87(9) has been amended- Rules identifying with the strategy of claiming TDS/TCS deducted has been amended.

Viable date = 28 June 2019.

6. Rule 87 has been altered – another Sub-rule 13 has been embedded to give that an enrolled individual can move any measure of expense/premium/punishment/charge to some other head in the electronic cash ledger, in such manner, structure GST PMT-09 has also been presented.

Compelling date = To be Notified.

7. Rule 95A has been embedded – Rule 95A has been embedded to give the discount mechanism to the retail outlets built up in the takeoff region of an International Airport. In such manner, form GST RFD-10B has likewise been presented.

Viable date = 01st July 2019.

8. Rule 128, 129, 132 and 133 have been corrected – Rules identifying with anti-profiteering has been altered.

Successful date = 28 June 2019.

9. Rule 138(10) and 138 have been altered – Proviso has been embedded to give that the legitimacy of e-way bill might be reached out within eight hours from the time of its expiry. Standard 138E has been revised to give that taxpayers asserting the advantage of notice number 02/2019-Central Tax dated 07 March 2019 will not be permitted to fill form GST EWB-01 if the return has not been filed for two back to back quarters.

Compelling date = 28 June 2019.

10. Amendment to GSTR-9 format:- Tables of Annual Return has been corrected to give the details from April 2018 to March 2019 rather than April 2018 to September 2018; Instructions of table 8A has been changed to give that FORM GSTR-2A created on 1 May 2019 will be auto-populated in table 8A.

Formats of Forms REG-01, REG-07, REG-12, GSTR-04, RFD-05 and DRC-03 have also been changed to suit the corrections.

Viable date = 28 June 2019.