What is the co-browsing option for taxpayers on the income tax website?

On the website for electronic filing, the Income Tax Department has added a co-browsing capability. Helpdesk representatives will be able to communicate in real-time with the taxpayer’s browser thanks to this capability. With this, agents can offer taxpayers real-time, individualized support for ITR filing and other tasks.


According to the Income Tax website, the co-browsing function would enable tax preparers to assist taxpayers with real-time navigation, scrolling, text entry, and the highlighting of areas of interest on the same browser tab. Co-browsing can be used in conjunction with live chat, phone calls, and phone calls to resolve client concerns more quickly.


Agents can use this tool to annotate the taxpayer’s perspective of the screen, assist the taxpayer in filling out ITR forms and other Statutory forms, modify settings, finish transactions, locate resources for the taxpayer, including assistance and reference materials, and even upload documents.




Agents cannot see any other data on the taxpayer’s desktop or computer when co-browsing. “Also, before the agents can begin the co-browsing session, the taxpayer must approve the request. If the taxpayer wants to cease the conversation, they can likewise end the co-browsing session at any moment, according to the Income Tax website.


Different from Screen Sharing

Co-browsing is more practical and simple to use because neither the agent nor the taxpayer needs to install any additional software in order to share their complete screen. Service representatives can also view the client’s complete desktop during screen sharing, as well as any notifications that may appear. However, co-browsing offers a more private and safe experience because the agent can only see the Taxpayer’s browser’s active window while co-browsing.




Advantages of co-browsing

  • No installation or plugin is required.
  • seamless navigation,
  • reduce average handling time and boost resolution rates
  • Highlight and annotate important points
  • Easy to use with easy integration