Income Tax Return Filing Due Date for 2018-19 (Last Date)

What is Income Tax?

The income tax department has released notices about the extension of the latest income tax return filing  date from July 31 to August 31 for individual taxpayers. There are two types of levy taxes, namely the second direct tax is indirect tax. Income tax is a direct tax that can be directly attributed to income from the assessed party. Income generated from various income heads is. Balance, Home property, Business, Capital and Income Profits from other sources. The Valuer must pay income tax if the total income is after allowing Chapter VI-A to deduct more than the limit of taxable income.

Archive Income Tax Income Tax Notification for 2017-18 TA (AY 2018-19)

There are different categories of taxpayers, namely. Individuals, HUF, Companies, LLP, Companies, Trusts and AOP/BOI. The Due Date differs according to the audit or non-audit case of the category as defined in article 139 (1)

Last Date of Income Tax Returns for AY 2018-19 (Non-Audit Case)

  • The due date for submission of Income Tax Returns by Assess whose Account Books are not required to be audited is August 31, 2018.


  • The deadline is extended for AY 2018-19 for certain categories.
  • Maturity Date has been extended in Kerala as a tweet by the finance ministry “Reserves caused by severe flooding in Kerala, CBDT encourages Due Date to provide Income Tax Returns from 31 August 2018 to 15 September 2018 for all income tax assessors in Kerala, which is responsible for submitting their IT Returns before August 31 2018. “

Archive Tax Income Tax Return Date for AY 2018-19 (Audit Case)

The deadline for filing income tax returns by Assesse is 30 September 2018.

  • Company
  • A person (other than a company) whose account must be audited based on this law or based on other laws currently in effect, or
  • Working partners of companies whose accounts must be audited under this law or under any law currently apply

Last Date of Return on Income Tax Returns for AY 2018-19

(The appraiser who is asked to give a report under 92E seconds)

  • The due date for the submission of Income Tax Returns by Assess requested to submit a report below 92E seconds is 30 November 2018.

Advanced Income Income Tax Submission Deadline TA 2018-19

If the tax liability is more than Rs 10,000 in one financial year, the tax in advance must be paid by the appraiser.

June 15 (15%) | September 15 (45%) | December 15 (75%) | March 15 (100%)

Assessors covered in section 44AD, are also required to pay taxes in advance or before the 15th of March of the previous year.

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